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.NET Framework

Everything about .NET framework.

Migrating from ASP.NET Core 1.x to ASP.NET Core 2.0 – Issues Continued

767 views   0 comments last modified about 2 years ago

Other related issues are found during my migration. Unable to Change Identity Table Names ...

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Migrate ASP.NET Core Projects – VS2015 to VS2017 and TFS2015 to TFS2017 Issues and Fixes

456 views   0 comments last modified about 2 years ago

Context Before Visual Studio 2017 was released, I was implementing my ASP.NET Core project using VS2015. TFS2015 is used for Continuous Build and Deployment for my projects. After migrating to VS2017, there are couple of issues I encountered in my environment: VS2017 has ...

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dotnet.exe : No executable found matching command "dotnet-publish-iis"

958 views   0 comments last modified about 2 years ago

When upgrading from .net core 1.0 to 1.1, you may encounter the following error when running dotnet publish command: dotnet.exe : No executable found matching command "dotnet-publish-iis" The resolution is simple: adding the following line into the project.json file. At moment, the la...

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LINQ to Teradata

896 views   0 comments last modified about 4 years ago

In my previous post, I demonstrated how to use ADO.NET to connect to Teradata in your OLTP projects.  In this sample, I am going to implement the same sample using ADO.NET Entity Model, Entity Framework and LINQ. ...

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Migrate from System.Web.Providers to ASP.NET Identity 1.0 and then to 2.1.0

2166 views   1 comments last modified about 4 years ago

Migration from simple ASP.NET membership provider to ASP.NET Identity is not straightforward. In order to migrate smoothly, we can firstly upgrade to Identity 1.0 and then to the latest version 2.0. Reference ...

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Resolve the Issues in Upgrading Entity Framework to Version 6.1

4079 views   0 comments last modified about 4 years ago

When upgrading your Entity Framework to Entity Framework 6.1 (EF6) from version 5.0, you may meet a number of issues. I have summarized all the issues I’ve encountered and their resolutions for your reference. Upgrade to EF6 Microsoft has provided one summary about upgrading to E...

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Access中的Inner join left join right join 嵌套连接查询语法

268 views   0 comments last modified about 9 years ago

和SQLServer 的不一样,注意其中的括号SELECT fields
(table2 INNER JOIN [( ]table3
[INNER JOIN [( ]tablex [INNER JOIN ...)]
ON table3.field3 compopr tablex.fieldx)]
ON table2.field2 compopr table3.field3)
ON table1.field1 compopr table2.field2;

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.net java web services

.Net 中引用Java的Web Services

234 views   0 comments last modified about 9 years ago

Keywords: .Net , Java EE, Eclipse, Web Services, GlassFish, jws由于工作的需要,我们的.Net项目需要引用一个java平台下的Web Service 为了便于开发,自己先通过Eclipse建了一个Java的WebService,然后通过Java SDK中自带的GlassFish 服务器发布,然后在.Net项目中添加Web 引用,具体方法如下面所示(由于自己今天第一次学习java 第一次用到Eclipse 所以若有错误请大家见谅):

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662 views   0 comments last modified about 8 years ago

在我们的ASPNET虚拟目录应用中,有时会出现一些异常,比如在根目录的web.config中添加了HttpHandler以及HttpModule(如一些UrlRewiter重写组件、自己的全局HttpModule等)在虚拟目录运行时就会提示找不到找不到指定的文件的异常。解决方法是在根目录的web.config中针对根路径通过location配置这些module和handler等, 并且在location设置允许子目录重写,以及是否被子集应用程序继承设置为false,如下把<system.web> </system.web>包含在<location></location>结点内部:

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使用VSI/Orca/C++创建带序列号验证的Windows Installer项目

767 views   2 comments last modified about 6 years ago

背景 在使用Visual Studio Setup项目模版创建Windows Installer项目时,我们有时需要用户输入序列号,同时验证序列号是否正确。在VS Setup模版中,我们往往仅能进行一些简单的验证,如果需要复杂的验证,怎么办呢?这里介绍一种结合Orac以及C++来实现此功能。 Orca Orca是一款编辑Windows Installer (*.msi) 文件的工具,借助它我们可以对安装包中的表数据进行修改。此工具使用以及下载地址请参考: ...

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