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C# Programming

About C# Programming Language: features, and syntax and so on.


Tuples in C# (4.x, 7.0, 7.1)

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What is a tuple? Tuple is an ordered sequence, fixed-size, immutable and of heterogeneous objects. Tuple has been existing in other languages such as F#, Python, Perl and etc. for a long time. It was first introduced into C# from C# 4.0 and has been evolving over time. Since C# 7.1, tuple...

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c# lite-log

C# version history and core features

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C# is my favourite programming language and has been evolving overtime. I have been programming with many other languages but C# is always my favourite because it is simple and easy to use. Visual Studio is the most powerful tool I’ve ever used. To me, programming efficiency and peformance are th...

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lite-log hadoop hdfs

Invoke Hadoop WebHDFS APIs in .NET Core

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Background Apache doesn't provide native official .NET APIs for Hadoop HDFS. The HTTP REST API supports the complete FileSystem / ...

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Migrating from ASP.NET Core 1.x to ASP.NET Core 2.0 – Issues Continued

643 views   0 comments last modified about 10 months ago

Other related issues are found during my migration. Unable to Change Identity Table Names ...

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LINQ to Teradata

790 views   0 comments last modified about 3 years ago

In my previous post, I demonstrated how to use ADO.NET to connect to Teradata in your OLTP projects.  In this sample, I am going to implement the same sample using ADO.NET Entity Model, Entity Framework and LINQ. ...

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c# .net

[C#] 基于.NET开发 ActiveX 控件(二) 安全篇

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c# .net

C# 利用WinRAR (加密)压缩及解压缩 相关文件夹及文件

256 views   0 comments last modified about 10 years ago

3.压缩文件夹及其下文件为rar 还是 zip

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使用VSI/Orca/C++创建带序列号验证的Windows Installer项目

700 views   2 comments last modified about 5 years ago

背景 在使用Visual Studio Setup项目模版创建Windows Installer项目时,我们有时需要用户输入序列号,同时验证序列号是否正确。在VS Setup模版中,我们往往仅能进行一些简单的验证,如果需要复杂的验证,怎么办呢?这里介绍一种结合Orac以及C++来实现此功能。 Orca Orca是一款编辑Windows Installer (*.msi) 文件的工具,借助它我们可以对安装包中的表数据进行修改。此工具使用以及下载地址请参考: ...

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在C#中使用WMI Query Language查询信息

982 views   0 comments last modified about 6 years ago

WMI .NET API 在.NET中我们使用标准的WMI查询语句查询电脑上的相关信息。WQL是SQL的一个子集。在.NET中所有相关的类(如 ManagementObjectSearcher )封装在System.Management命名空间中。具体参考MSDN相关帮助文档 ...

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