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Use Hadoop File System Task in SSIS to Write File into HDFS

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SSIS hadoop hdfs


SQL Server Integration Service (SSIS) has tasks to perform operations against Hadoop, for example:

  • Hadoop File System Task
  • Hadoop Hive Task
  • Hadoop Pig Task

In Data Flow Task, you can also use:

  • Hadoop HDFS Source
  • Hadoop HDFS Destination

In this page, I’m going to demonstrate how to write file into HDFS through SSIS Hadoop File System Task.




Refer to the following page to install Hadoop if you don’t have one instance to play with.

Install Hadoop 3.0.0 in Windows (Single Node)


SSIS can be installed via SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT). In this example, I am using 15.1.

Create Hadoop connection manager

In your SSIS package, create a Hadoop Connection Manager:


In WebHDFS tab of the editor, specify the following details:


Click Test Connection button to ensure you can connect and then click OK:


Create a file connection manager

Create a local CSV file

Create a local CSV file named F:\DataAnalytics\Sales.csv with the following content:


Create a file connection manager

Create a file connection manager Sales.csv which points to the file created above.


Create Hadoop File System Task

Use the two connection managers created above to create a Hadoop File System Task:


In the above settings, it uploads Sales.csv into /Sales.csv in HDFS.

Run the package

Run the package or execute the task to make sure it is completed successfully:


Verify the result via HDFS CLI

Use the following command to verify whether the file is uploaded successfully:

hdfs dfs -ls \


You can also print out the content via the following command:

hdfs dfs -cat /Sales.csv


Verify the result through Name Node web UI



WebHDFS REST API reference


It is very easy to upload files into HDFS through SSIS. You can also upload the whole directory into HDFS through this task if you change the file connection manager to pointing to a folder.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

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