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Migrate from System.Web.Providers to ASP.NET Identity 1.0 and then to 2.1.0

2166 views   1 comments last modified about 4 years ago

Migration from simple ASP.NET membership provider to ASP.NET Identity is not straightforward. In order to migrate smoothly, we can firstly upgrade to Identity 1.0 and then to the latest version 2.0. Reference ...

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Resolve the Issues in Upgrading Entity Framework to Version 6.1

4079 views   0 comments last modified about 4 years ago

When upgrading your Entity Framework to Entity Framework 6.1 (EF6) from version 5.0, you may meet a number of issues. I have summarized all the issues I’ve encountered and their resolutions for your reference. Upgrade to EF6 Microsoft has provided one summary about upgrading to E...

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4 Steps to Create Your Ubuntu Virtual Machine in Windows Azure

330 views   0 comments last modified about 4 years ago

Creating virtual machine in windows azure is quite straightforward. After logged into the management portal ( ), you can create one VM within 4 steps. In the tab 'Virtual Machines', click the link button 'CREATE A VIRTUAL MACHINE' to start. ...

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Understand Code Dependencies with Visual Studio

576 views   0 comments last modified about 4 years ago

Visual Studio provides a convenient tool to generate visual code dependencies. It helps to identity circular references issues and also hubs. To learn more details about this function, visit ...

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Surface RT/Pro 版本Windows 8 QQ下载与安装

2681 views   0 comments last modified about 5 years ago

Surface的用户可能会遇到一个难题,在应用商城里边无法搜索到QQ应用程序。但是让我疑惑的是,我的Windows 8.1 系统之前是成功安装了QQ。


按照如下方法安装Surface QQ.

Have fun!


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Access中的Inner join left join right join 嵌套连接查询语法

268 views   0 comments last modified about 9 years ago

和SQLServer 的不一样,注意其中的括号SELECT fields
(table2 INNER JOIN [( ]table3
[INNER JOIN [( ]tablex [INNER JOIN ...)]
ON table3.field3 compopr tablex.fieldx)]
ON table2.field2 compopr table3.field3)
ON table1.field1 compopr table2.field2;

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my first begining with Windows 7

141 views   0 comments last modified about 9 years ago

Maybe it is a little late now due to busy work,anyhow,it is better to do lately than never to do.

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c# windows phone linq

[教程]在Windows Phone 程序中使用LINQ to XML以及执行数据绑定

301 views   0 comments last modified about 7 years ago

LINQ是Language Integrated Query的简写,中文名称是语言集成查询,它是一组技术的组合,包括LINQ to DataSet(typed 以及untyped),LINQ to SQL(适用于SQL Server数据库),LINQ to XML(包括内存中以及XML文件中的数据),LINQ to Object,LINQ to Entities(结合Entity Framework使用)等。这些技术建立在将查询功能直接集成到 C# 语言(以及 Visual Basic 和可能的任何其他 .NET 语言)的基础上。借助于 LINQ,查询现在已是高级语言构造,就如同类、方法、事件等等。具体参考MSDN文档介绍View detail