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PowerShell, Bash, ksh, sh, Perl and etc. 

lite-log powershell

Script to Start Multiple Virtual Machines

224 views   0 comments last modified about 9 months ago

The following is a PowerShell code snippet to start multiple VMs through vmplayer.exe: # Navigate to the folder where vmplayer.exe file exists cd "D:\Program Files (x86)\VM Player" # Start the VMs by using vmplayer...

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lite-log powershell

Calculate Time Difference between Dates in PowerShell

1191 views   0 comments last modified about 12 months ago

PowerShell provides a number of cmdlets to retrieve current date time and to create time span object. Calculate time difference - CmdLets $current = Get-Date $end= Get-Date $diff= New-TimeSpan -Start $current -End $end Write-Output "Time difference is: $di...

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