New Feature - Kontext Code

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New Feature - Kontext Code

A new feature Kontext Code is now in beta view on Kontext. Kontext Code allows users to publish code snippets quickly on Kontext.

How to create code

After log in, you can click Create code link to start creating your Kontext Code.

You need to input a title, some description and the code. You can also add tags so that others can find your code easily. 


Find out all the code snippets

Go to Code index page to find out all the code snippets published on Kontext.

Find our your code

You can find out all your published code snippets in My content panel at user console. 


Copy code snippet

On each code page, you can click 2022080961717-image.png button to copy the code snippet into your clipboard. 

For code snippet

You can easily create a new code snippet by forking from one existing one by clicking 2022080961817-image.png button.

Future roadmaps

The following features are being considered at the moment. 

  • Run code directly in browser. 
  • Categorize code by language and platform. 

If you have any suggestions or feedbacks, feel free to comment here. 

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