Context Project 1.3.655.0 Released (RSS is Implemented)

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New Features

  1. Restructured the solution.
  2. Added Routing project to manage all the routes in the website and  provide functions for other modules to generate friendly URLs directly.
  3. Added RRS 2.0 function for the site as well as each blog. Welcome to subscribe. 

    Site Scope RSS: RSS 2.0

    Context Project RSS:

    .NET Essential RSS:

  4. Changed site menu to list all the blogs of the site.
  5. Added handler for the old blog post URL to redirect the requests to new ones. (2013-04-08)
  6. Added extension for blog post detail page and RSS. (2013-04-08)


  1. Changed all the views to refer to the new Consts class in Common project.

Tech Debts



1)RSS Reader in IE:


2) New Site Menu:


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