Kontext release v0.6.6

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Kontext release v0.6.6

Kontext v0.6.6 is now released with a few changes/enhancements.


SEO enhancements

  • Added a number of Facebook and twitter meta tags into head section of each page.
  • Robots.txt is updated to make it simple.

Profile shows in article pages

Users' profile now shows on each article page to feature the author:

If user's profile is set to members or administrators only, then it will only show a simple link to the profile page. 

Featured column home page

Three new sections are added to Column home page:

  • Featured articles
  • New articles
  • Featured columns

These new sections can help users to navigate the new and featured content easily.

Featured forum home page

Similar to the column home page, three new sections (list) are also added to forum home page for easy navigation:

  • New threads
  • Featured threads
  • Featured forums

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug of page redirection from admin portal to column/forum site. The View link in the following screenshot now works properly. 

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