Kontext Newsletter #1 (2021-08-23)

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Thanks for subscribing Kontext newsletter. This is our very first issue of newsletter that highlights some of the articles on Kontext related to programming languages, framework, data and cloud. 

Teradata: PIVOT and UNPIVOT Clause

Learn how to write PIVOT and UNPIVOT statements in Teradata.

C# 10.0 New Features

.NET 6.0 preview 7 was published on 2021-08-10. Together with .NET 6, C# 10 with new preview language features are also available. This article will provide some examples about these new features.

Export CSV File from Azure SQL Databases

Learn how to use bcp or PowerShell to export data as standard CSV file from Azure SQL Database.

ASP.NET Core - Implement Google One Tap Sign In

Google One Tap sign in can improve user sign-in experience hugely; follow this article to learn the steps to enable it in your website.

Connecting to Databases via Python

There are quite a few different packages available that can be used in Python to connect to databases. This series provides examples about using Python to connect to SQL Server, Teradata, SQLite, Oracle, MySQL, etc.

MERGE Statement in BigQuery

MERGE statement is commonly used in relational databases to implement SCD TYPE 2 tables. It is also supported by BigQuery as one of the DML statements. This statement can be used to perform UPDATE, INSERT, DELETE in one single statement and perform the operations atomically.

Kontext Column

Columns are like blogs which can be used to publish articles on Kontext. Follow three steps to create your columns.

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