Kontext Newsletter #4 (2021-09-10) Spark, Azure Azurite, EntityFramework, Google Cloud Platform, Kafka Streaming and Bootstrap

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Kontext Newsletter #4 (2021-09-10) Spark, Azure Azurite, EntityFramework, Google Cloud Platform, Kafka Streaming and Bootstrap

Dear Kontext newsletter subscribers, I hope you are doing well. This week's newsletter will feature some articles about Azure, Entity Framework, Kafka Steaming with Spark, Bootstrap, Google Cloud Platform, etc.

If you have missed out our previous newsletters, you can find them here.

EF Core Transactions Example

Sometimes it is necessary to perform several actions in an atomic way. You can do this with Entity Framework too.

Load Data from Teradata in Spark (PySpark)

In this article, it will show you how to connect to Teradata through JDBC drivers so that you can load data directly as PySpark data frames from Teradata database. You can also checkout this article using Python directly. 

Use Azurite (Microsoft Azure Storage Emulator) for Development and Testing

Microsoft Azure Storage Emulator is deprecated and is now replaced by Azurite, the open source successor that is based on Node.js. Since it is Node.js based, you can now run it on different platforms. With Azurite, it can save some cost in development and testing environments before deploying to Azure.

Spark Structured Streaming - Read from and Write into Kafka Topics

Spark structured streaming provides rich APIs to read from and write to Kafka topics. When reading from Kafka, Kafka sources can be created for both streaming and batch queries. When writing into Kafka, Kafka sinks can be created as destination for both streaming and batch queries too. For more articles, go to our Stream Analytics column.

Load JSON File into BigQuery

Google Cloud BigQuery provides APIs that can be accessed by all the mainstream programming languages. It also provides SDKs/packages that can be directly accessed in your applications to load JSON file into BigQuery, regardless of whether the file is stored on Google Cloud Storage or in a temporary location that your program has access to. 

Bootstrap 5 Masonry Cards Layout

Are you a fan of Twitter Bootstrap? Kontext website utilizes Bootstrap for frontend layout. In Bootstrap 5, card-column CSS class is removed and the recommended replacement is Masonry JavaScript library. This article will provides examples about dynamically call Masonry API in JavaScript instead of data attributes. I'll also provide some tips about adjust layout for cards with images. 

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