Kontext is Upgraded to .NET 6 & Azure Functions V4

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Kontext is Upgraded to .NET 6 & Azure Functions V4


Kontext always embraces the latest technologies to improve our applications' performance and also to improve productivities. 

Kontext is now upgraded to the latest .NET 6 and also Kontext Azure Functions are also updated to V4 with .NET 6 as isolated runtime (dotnet-isolated).

Azure Functions V4

Refer to page to learn how to create and deploy Azure Functions V4 with .NET 6 (either in process or isolated process) Quickstart: Create a C# function in Azure from the command line.

Run .NET 6 on App Service

Follow this article to learn how to create and run .NET 6 web applications on Azure App Service: Running .NET 6 (Preview) on App Service.


Migrate from ASP.NET Core 5.0 to 6.0

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