Kontext Newsletter #11 (2021-10-29)

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Kontext Newsletter #11 (2021-10-29)

Dear Kontext newsletter subscribers, I hope you are doing well. This week's newsletter will feature some articles about Java, SQLite, .NET, Spark, Teradata, etc.

If you have missed out our previous newsletters, you can find them here.

Install Open JDK on WSL

This article provides detailed steps to install Java Development Kit (JDK) on WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux).

SQLite in .NET Core with Entity Framework Core

SQLite is a self-contained and embedded SQL database engine. In .NET Core, Entity Framework Core provides APIs to work with SQLite.  

Implement SCD Type 2 Full Merge via Spark Data Frames

Is it a good idea to implement SCD Type 2 using Spark with Hive/HDFS? Or would you prefer a delta-lake approach? This article gives you some ideas about implementing SCD Type 2 with Spark if you really have to.

Teradata Utilities - BTEQ, FastLoad, FastExport, TPT

Tutorials about Teradata utilities incl. BTEQ, FastLoad, FastExport, TPT, etc. Examples are provided about loading XML, JSON and CSV files into Teradata and also about exporting data from Teradata database. 

.NET for Apache Spark

Articles about .NET for Apache Spark - for .NET developers, you can use C# as programming language when working on Spark. 

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