Kontext Newsletter #15 (2022-01-01)

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Kontext Newsletter #15 (2022-01-01)

Dear Kontext users,
Happy New Year! I wish you a prosperous and healthy year ahead. What are your new year resolutions? Kontext is in the progress to bring more new exciting features to the platform to improve your experiences. This week's newsletter will feature some articles about Kontext 2021 Infographic, Go, SQLite, Python, SQL Server, Spark, Parquet, JavaScript, SVG, etc.

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Kontext 2021 Infographic

Check out Kontext 2021 infographics. Thank you for being one of the 537,000 users who visited Kontext in 2021. I hope Kontext will continue to be part of your data, cloud and programming journey in 2022. Kontext's ambition is to create the best platform for sharing data, cloud and programming knowledge. I would love to hear all your feedbacks. 

Go: Access Data in SQLite

SQLite is a famous embedded file database. This article provides example code to access data in SQLite using Go as programming language on Windows. 

Call SQL Server Stored Procedure in Python

Read this article to find out how to call stored procedures in SQL Server database in Python application. 

Read Parquet Files from Nested Directories

Spark supports partition discovery to read data that is stored in partitioned directories. Partition metadata is usually stored in systems like Hive and Spark can utilize it to read data properly; alternatively, Spark can also automatically discover the partition information.

JavaScript Convert SVG to Base64

Canvas can be used to draw SVG images and its toDataURL function can be used to convert SVG to data URL string (Base64). This article shows you how to convert SVG to Base64 string, and vice versa.

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