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After I installed Visual Studio 2011 Developer Preview, the error “Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation” will be thrown when I try to lunch SQL Server Management Studio.

Microsoft Connect site has a relevant issue:


According to the article in Connect, the issue hasn’t been resolved yet. There is a temporary resolution: using “Run as administer” option when you lunch SSMS.

It is working for me:


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account_circle Rodrigo Pinto
Hi there, gald i could help
here's my email
Anything more i can help you , feel free to ask ;)

Best regards

Rodrigo Pinto, SharePoint MVP

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account_circle Raymond
Hi Rodrigo,
Thanks a lot for your comment.
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account_circle Rodrigo Pinto
Hi there, try this

"This happens after installing SQL Server 2012 (Code named "Denali CTP3") or later, running SSMS successfully, then (later) install VS11 Dev Preview, and then run SSMS.

Dev11 Preview improperly recognize SQL Server Denali SSMS as a version 11 application and it updates the current user’s setting in SSMS registry key during the setup. This issue occurs only when Dev11 Preview is installed after the installation of SSMS.

SQL Server 2012 SSMS has a built-in security and resiliency feature for any corrupted configuration in HKCU registry key. The corrupted registry keys can be simply deleted then SSMS automatically reconstructs it with correct values during the next startup procedure.

• Start regedit.exe

• Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\SQL Server Management Studio

• Delete 11.0_Config

• Restart ssms.exe

Hope it helps

Rodrigo Pinto, SharePoint MVP

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