Data analytics, application development with Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

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Azure SQL Database Automated Backup Strategy

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When designing the architecture of Kontext platform, Azure SQL Database is chosen as the storage for relational data. TDE and other advanced security features are always enabled to protect the database. Backup plans are also employed to ensure I can always restore the database for as point of tim...

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Modern Web Application - Azure Blob Storage for Uploaded Files

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With cloud platforms like Azure, we can totally separate user content storage from web application storage to decouple components from each other and to make the application easy to scale and deploy. This article provides detailed information with code snippets about how to use Azure server-less product Blob Storage and App Service to enable horizontally scalable web application for users to upload files (BLOBs).

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Google Chrome browser will mark websites as insecure if HTTPS is not enabled. Certificate issuer To enable SSL on your Azure websites, you can purchase SSL certificates from many certificate authorities. Let’s Encrypt is a free, automated, and open Certificate Authority. ...

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Access Artifact BuildNumber in Azure DevOps Release Pipeline

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It might be useful to push artifact or build variables to your Azure websites environment variables in Release pipelines.

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Microsoft Azure provides a number of data analytics related products and services. It allows users to tailor the solutions to meet different requirements, for example, architecture for modern data warehouse, advanced analytics with big data or real time analytics. The following diagram sho...

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