Run .NET 5 on Azure App Services

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.NET 5 RC2 was released on 2020-10-13. On Azure, you can only select .NET Core 3.1 or 2.1 LTS versions as runtime stack when creating web app as the following screenshot shows.  

This will stay as is till .NET 5 official release. However, you can use extensions to run your .NET 5 applications. 

Install .NET 5 runtime extensions

Follow the steps below to install .NET 5 runtime extension.

  • Logon to Azure portal
  • Go to your App Service instance
  • Click Extensions under Development Tools

  • Click '+ Add' button
  • Click 'Choose Extension'

  • Select ASP.NET Core 5.0 runtime extension; you can select either x64 or x86 version based on your requirement.

  • Accept legal terms

  • Click 'OK' button to install the extension
  • Wait until the installation is completed:

Once the installation completes, you will be able to see the ASP .NET Core 5.o runtime.

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