Teradata SQL - TRYCAST / TRY_CAST Function

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In SQL Server, TRY_CAST function returns a value cast to a specified data type is the cast is successful or null is the cast is not successful.  In Teradata, the equivalent function is TRYCAST.

Code snippets

-- return int 1030
SELECT TRYCAST('01030' AS int);
-- return 2019-01-01 as it is a valid date string 
-- return null 
SELECT TRYCAST('-128' AS byteint);
SELECT TRYCAST('127' AS byteint);
-- return null as overflow
SELECT TRYCAST('128' AS byteint);


In SQL Server, the first argument can be any valid expression while in Teradata, it needs to be CHAR or VARCHAR.

Teradata TRY_CAST


Teradata CAST test

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