Teradata SQL - Use OREPLACE to Replace or Remove Characters

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OREPLACE functions in Teradata can be used to replace or remove characters from a string. OREPACE is Teradata's extension to ASNI SQL. The usual REPLACE function is not available.


REPLACE function is commonly implemented in many other SQL databases such as SQL Server, MySQL, BigQuery, Oracle, etc.

The syntax is:

REPLACE(original_value, from_value, to_value)

For example, the following code snippet replaces word 'Context' with 'Kontext'.

SELECT REPLACE('Context is a great data engineering website.', 'Context', 'Kontext')

Teradata OREPLACE function

In Teradata, the equivalent function is OREPLACE and the syntax looks like this:

REPLACE(source_string, search_string, replace_string)

* replace_string is optional. This function replaces every occurrence of search_string in the source_string with the replace_string. Use this function either to replace or remove portions of a string.

When replace_string is not specified, it will remove search_string from source_string.


SELECT OREPLACE('Context is a great data engineering website.', 'Context', 'Kontext')

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