Trim Leading or/and Trailing Zeros in Teradata

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In SQL Server, there are functions like TRIM, LTRIM, RTRIM to remove characters from a string. In Teradata, the equivalent is TRIM function.

Trim from leading zeros

The following code snippets remove leading zeros from the string literal.

select trim(leading '0' from '00012345000')


Trim(LEADING '0' FROM '00012345000')

1 12345000

Trim from trailing zeros

Similarly, TRIM function can also be used to remove trailing zeros:
select trim(trailing '0' from '00012345000')


Trim(TRAILING '0' FROM '00012345000')

1 00012345

Trim both leading and trailing zeros

select trim(both '0' from '00012345000')
Trim(BOTH '0' FROM '00012345000')
1 12345

Trim a column in a view or table

select trim(leading '0' from column_name) from table_name
select trim(trailing '0' from column_name) from table_name
select trim(both '0' from column_name) from table_name

Trim other characters

You can use TRIM function to trim all other characters by replacing '0' to the character you want to trim. 

select trim(leading 'A' from 'AAA2041145')
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This page shows how to trim or remove leading or/and trailing zeros using Teradata SQL.

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