Teradata SQL - Round Numbers to Hundreds or Thousands

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The following code snippets show how to use round numbers to hundreds or thousands in Teradata. 

warning Alert - The following code snippets are used to round to the smallest hundreds or thousands that is equal or greater than the input number. 

FLOOR and CEILING functions

In Teradata, there are two functions that are commonly used beside ROUND function:

  • CEILING: Returns the smallest integer value that is not less than the input argument.

  • FLOOR: Returns the largest integer equal to or less than the input argument.


select floor(100123.23)
select ceiling(100123.23)

The output will be 100123.00 and 100124.00 respectively.

We will use CEILING function to implement. 

Round up to hundreds using CEILING function

select ceiling(ceiling(100123.23)/100.00)*100;
select ceiling(ceiling(100123)/100.00)*100;
select ceiling(ceiling(100103)/100.00)*100;
select ceiling(ceiling(100003)/100.00)*100;
select ceiling(ceiling(100000.001)/100.00)*100;

The result is 100,200 for the first three statements and 100,100 for the last two statements.

Round up to thousands using CEILING function

select ceiling(ceiling(100123.23)/1000.000)*1000;
select ceiling(ceiling(100123)/1000.000)*1000;
select ceiling(ceiling(100003)/1000.000)*1000;
select ceiling(ceiling(100000.0003)/1000.000)*1000;

The result is: 101,000.

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