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C# Regex - Remove Heading Tags

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C# regular expressions can be used to match and replace certain text patterns from a string variable.

Remove heading tags

The following regular expression can be used to remove all heading tags incl. h1 to h9 from HTML text string.


Code snippet

var html = "Your HTML string...";
var regex = new Regex(@"<[hH][1-9][^>]*>[^<]*</[hH][1-9]\s*>", RegexOptions.Compiled | RegexOptions.Multiline
var replacedHtml = regex.Replace(html, "");


Assuming the following is the input string:

<h3>Heading h3</h3>    
<h4>LINQ to SQL - Select N Random Records</h4>

After replacement, the output looks like the following:


Remove tags only

To keep all the text content but to remove all HTML tags, use the following regular expression:



For the above input HTML, the output looks like the following:

Heading h3    
LINQ to SQL - Select N Random Records

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