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Kontext alpha 4 is now released. This is a major release with complete code-rewritten. The whole project is now fully managed in VSTS for continuous integration and deployment. It will be updated in an Agile manner. Every code commit will trigger VSTS build plan followed by deployment into Azure in less than 10 mins.

This page summarizes the main changes in this release.

Framework/platform changes

  • Framework: .NET Core 2.1
  • Host Environment: Azure App Service
  • Database: SQL Azure
  • Development tool: Visual Studio 2017 (15.5.6)
  • DevOps: VSTS
  • Continuous Build and Deployment: VSTS Agents (VS2017)

Existing features

Existing features in previous blog application have all been re-written using ASP.NET Core 2.1. The whole architecture is coded according to .NET Core application style to make it highly extensible and scalable.

New features

My comments

Registered users can now view all the comments that are added by him/her.



For login and registration, captcha input is required to prevent from robots.


New content display style – Lite-Log

Refer to Introducing a new blog post type – LiteLog for details.

New URLs

All the previous URLs are still working while a new sets of URLs are introduced.

/Blog /docs
/Blog/BlogName /docs/BlogName
/Blog/BlogName/Archive/year/month/day/PostName /docs/BlogName/p/PostName

Localization and globalization

All the forms’ validation messages are now also support localization.


Tags in post list

Each post’s tags are now also displaying in the list.


Comments only allowed for registered users

Comments are now only allowed for registered users. Users are only allowed to login if the email is validated.


Page navigations and toolbar

Page navigation and toolbar are now added for easy navigating.


New admin home

The administration functions are now rewritten with new functions added including emails management, cache management, user search  and application permission management.



The whole application is being improved frequently with updates almost each day. Please let me know if you encounter any problems or if you have any suggestions.

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