Kontext release v0.6.2

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There are a number of small improvements and enhancements to Kontext in release v0.6.2.


The following are the main changes in this release:

  • In site navbar for column site and articles pages, the author of column are added to feature the owner and column.

  • Rich site footer.

For forum, column pages, the site footer is replaced with rich site footer that contains a number of links for easy navigation. Build number from Azure DevOps is also added to the footer for reference. 


  • Fixed featured columns/forums order issue. Now the most viewed/liked columns/forums will show first in the home page.
  • Wording changes. There are a number of wording changes. For example, column -> columns, hot posts -> featured posts, hot sites -> featured columns/forums.
  • Home page slogan changes. Home page slogans are changed 
  • Redirects changes. After adding new column or editing existing columns, user will be redirected to the home page of the new/modified column instead of all columns home page. 
  • Help icons when adding columns. There are two question mark icons are added to access level and licence/terms dropdown list.

After clicking these two icons, helper texts will show to help users to understand these settings.

These details are also available in site Terms page. 

  • There are a number of other small UI or function changes. Explore the website to find more details. 
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