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Kontext release v0.x

This page provides release information for Kontext before v1.0.


Release date: 2020-06-28.


  • Upgraded all client libraries to the latest version.
  • Upgraded all core and entity framework core related packages to 3.1.5 from 3.1.4.
  • Front-end changes: removed all shadow effects from cards; increased card and list border radius; update forum homepage layout.
  • Enhanced Anti-forgery feature and removed duplicated UI elements.  

Bug fixes

  • Fixed RSS issue - excluding posts if the column/forum is blocked.
  • DateRegister - Populate registration date if users register through Google or Microsoft accounts. 
  • Rich Text Editor - fixed the issue that two images will show up in the editor if users directly copy pictures from clipboard. 


Release date: 2020-06-27.


  • Removed Tags menu item from top navbar menu.
  • Admin pages: Added copy functions for flex settings and content pages
  • Added FlexSettings as email templates provider instead of file template provider to allow administrators to change email templates easily. 


Release date: 2020-06-21.


  • Added localized settings for different user languages.
  • Updated admin portal to allow administrators to setup different settings/visuals for different browser/user languages.


Release date: 2020-06-12.


  • Added Google One-tap sign-in functions to improve user login/sign-up experiences.

Once you have logged into Google accounts in the browser, you can click 'Continue as XXX' button to directly login to Kontext using your Google account. For more details, refer to Google One-tap Sign-in, Sign-in with Google and Microsoft Account are now Enabled.

  • Improved external user sign-in screen to allow users to input first and last name that can different from external account provider profiles (Microsoft, Google, etc.)


Release date: 2020-06-10.


  • Fixed issues of displaying blocked column articles.
  • Added login with Microsoft and Google accounts. These login options can be found in site menu, login page and article content page.


Release date: 2020-05-10.


  • Navbar enrichment - now a full mega dropdown menu type is available so that users can easily navigate between featured columns.

  • Search and Settings nav items are also changed to the mega dropdown menu types.
  • Navbar and few layout fixes for older browsers like IE 11. Now IE 11 users also have consistent experience with other browser users.
  • Background color changes to top navbar and footer. 


Release date: 2020-05-03.


  • UI enhancements, incl. Column pages top bar reverted back to site universal template; simplified home pages for forum, tag and column. 
  • Introduced a few more placeholders. 
  • Added site link for post/article list cards

  • Canonical URL enhancements when Azure domain is used.
  • Add/Edit comment/content pages are all now using user layout for consistency.


Release date: 2020-02-01.


  • Notification email is changed back to no-reply[at]
  • Changed captcha generation mechanism to get it work under core cookie consent.  Refer to this forum post for more details.
  • Updated site layouts to make it consistent with the latest Flex layouts.
    • Two columns layout is resigned to adjust to screen size.
    • Sidebar menu layout and style is redesigned and consistent across all pages.
    • Two column main container is now fill the full width of browser.
    • Top nav menu is redesigned to use light background color and removed shadow effect
  • Fixed copyright year to reflect the latest year.
  • Removed comment count from post card as it is not accurate.
  • Various other small changes to the texts/translations on many pages.


Release date: 2020-02-01.


  • Upgraded from ASP.NET Core 3.0 to 3.1.1. Refer to Migrate from ASP.NET Core 3.0 to 3.1 for more details.
  • Upgraded all referenced nuget packages to the latest version.
  • Upgraded major client packages to the latest version:
    • bootstrap 4.4.1
    • jquery 3.4.1


Kontext v0.6.8 is now released with a few changes/enhancements on 2020-01-29.

UI Changes

Redesigned Column article content page to provide better user experience.

  • Added Column section to the side bar.
  • Added Table of Contents (In this article) for easy navigation.
  • Added theme toggle to the right side bar for users to change to dark theme easily. 
  • Social network sharing is now also placed in the side bar.
  • All user comments are now listed on the canonical page (instead of paging). 

Related articles

A new section "More from Kontext" is added into the bottom section of each article for users to easily read related content. 

SEO enhancements

A number of SEO enhancements have been made:

  • Added cannoical links for article pages and other pages.
  • Added noindex meta tag for pages that are not expected to indexed by search engine.
  • Added nofollow for external links in comments.

Email notifications for comments

Related users will now be notified via both email and notification message when there is a new comment to user's article or content.


Kontext release v0.6.7


Kontext release v0.6.6


Kontext release v0.6.5


Kontext release v0.6.4


Kontext release v0.6.3


Kontext release v0.6.2


Kontext release v0.6.1


Kontext Pre-release v0.6.0

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