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About the releases of Kontext Project.

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This page provides release information for Kontext before v1.0.


Release date: 2020-02-01.


  • Upgraded from ASP.NET Core 3.0 to 3.1.1. Refer to Migrate from ASP.NET Core 3.0 to 3.1 for more details.
  • Upgraded all referenced nuget packages to the latest version.
  • Upgraded major client packages to the latest version:
    • bootstrap 4.4.1
    • jquery 3.4.1


Kontext v0.6.8 is now released with a few changes/enhancements on 2020-01-29.

UI Changes

Redesigned Column article content page to provide better user experience.

  • Added Column section to the side bar.
  • Added Table of Contents (In this article) for easy navigation.
  • Added theme toggle to the right side bar for users to change to dark theme easily. 
  • Social network sharing is now also placed in the side bar.
  • All user comments are now listed on the canonical page (instead of paging). 

Related articles

A new section "More from Kontext" is added into the bottom section of each article for users to easily read related content. 

SEO enhancements

A number of SEO enhancements have been made:

  • Added cannoical links for article pages and other pages.
  • Added noindex meta tag for pages that are not expected to indexed by search engine.
  • Added nofollow for external links in comments.

Email notifications for comments

Related users will now be notified via both email and notification message when there is a new comment to user's article or content.


Kontext release v0.6.7


Kontext release v0.6.6


Kontext release v0.6.5


Kontext release v0.6.4


Kontext release v0.6.3


Kontext release v0.6.2


Kontext release v0.6.1


Kontext Pre-release v0.6.0

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