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With Microsoft SQL Server JDBC driver, you can connect to the database through SQL Server Authentication or Kerberos Authentication. This post summarizes the configurations required for each authentication method with coding examples. *NTLM block in the following diagram represents pure Java ...

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This post shows you how to connect to HiveServer2 via Hive JDBC driver in Java. *The way to connect to HiveServer1 is very similar though the driver names are different: Version Driver Name HiveServer1 org.apache.hadoop.hive.jdbc.HiveDriver HiveServer2 ...

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Recently, I have been working on an ETL framework to load various source data (i.e. files, SQL Server, Oracle and Teradata) into Teradata. Due to some limitations, Java was chosen as the implementation language though IBM Infosphere DataStage is available to use. DataStage has provided built-in ...