Kontext Dark Theme Mode is Available

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From release v0.6.0, dark theme mode is supported on all pages on Kontext.

Follow the following steps to switch to Dark Theme mode.

Desktop users

  1. On the right top nav bar, click the sun icon () .
  2. From the dropdown menu, toggle Dark theme button.
  3. Dark theme mode is then enabled instantly. 
  4. Toggle that button again to switch back to light colour mode. 

Mobile users

For mobile users, the steps are the same though the menu bar shows differently. 

  1. Click menu toggle button on the right top of the nav bar
  2. Click Settings menu item: 
  3. Toogle Dark theme button:
  4. Dark theme mode is then enabled instantly. 
  5. Toggle that button again to switch back to light colour mode. 

Column article page

On the right bar of Column article content page, there is also dark theme toggle button available to use.

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