Kontext Newsletter #3 (2021-09-03)

Kontext Newsletter #3 (2021-09-03)

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This week's newsletter will feature some basic Spark DataFrame transformation related articles. To view complete list of articles in this series, visit Spark DataFrame Transformation Tutorials.

If you have missed out our previous newsletters, you can find them here.

Convert Python Dictionary List to PySpark DataFrame

This article shows how to convert a Python dictionary list to a DataFrame in Spark using Python.

PySpark: Convert Python Array/List to Spark Data Frame

Sometimes it's useful to construct a Spark DataFrame from Python array or list objects.

PySpark: Convert JSON String Column to Array of Object (StructType) in Data Frame

How can we forget about JSON? This article shows you how to transform JSON column in Spark DataFrame.

Filter Spark DataFrame Columns with None or Null Values

This article shows you how to filter NULL/None values from a Spark data frame using Python. Function DataFrame.filter or DataFrame.where can be used to filter out null values. Function filter is alias name for where function.

Change DataFrame Column Names in PySpark

This article shows you how to rename columns.

Change Column Type in PySpark DataFrame

Do you want to change column types in Spark DataFrame? You can easily do that in Spark.

Kontext Column

Columns are like blogs which can be used to publish articles on Kontext. Follow three steps to create your columns.

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