Kafka Windows CLI Commands

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This page summarizes commonly used Apache Kafka Windows commands. 


Setup an environment variable named KAFKA_HOME that points to where Kafka is located. 


SET KAFKA_HOME=F:\big-data\kafka_2.13-2.6.0
warning Remember to change the server address, port number and Kafka topic name accordingly before running any of the following command. 

Start Kafka brokers (incl. ZookKeeper)

%KAFKA_HOME%/bin/windows/zookeeper-server-start.bat %KAFKA_HOME%/config/zookeeper.properties
%KAFKA_HOME%/bin/windows/kafka-server-start.bat %KAFKA_HOME%/config/server.properties

Stop Kafka brokers

%KAFKA_HOME%/bin/windows/kafka-server-stop.bat %KAFKA_HOME%/config/server.properties
%KAFKA_HOME%/bin/windows/zookeeper-server-stop.bat %KAFKA_HOME%/config/zookeeper.properties

Kafka topic command

Command must include exactly one action: --list, --describe, --create, --alter or --delete
Option                                   Description
------                                   -----------
--alter                                  Alter the number of partitions,
                                           replica assignment, and/or
                                           configuration for the topic.
--at-min-isr-partitions                  if set when describing topics, only
                                           show partitions whose isr count is
                                           equal to the configured minimum. Not
                                           supported with the --zookeeper
--bootstrap-server <String: server to    REQUIRED: The Kafka server to connect
  connect to>                              to. In case of providing this, a
                                           direct Zookeeper connection won't be
--command-config <String: command        Property file containing configs to be
  config property file>                    passed to Admin Client. This is used
                                           only with --bootstrap-server option
                                           for describing and altering broker
--config <String: name=value>            A topic configuration override for the
                                           topic being created or altered.The
                                           following is a list of valid
                                         See the Kafka documentation for full
                                           details on the topic configs.It is
                                           supported only in combination with --
                                           create if --bootstrap-server option
                                           is used.
--create                                 Create a new topic.
--delete                                 Delete a topic
--delete-config <String: name>           A topic configuration override to be
                                           removed for an existing topic (see
                                           the list of configurations under the
                                           --config option). Not supported with
                                           the --bootstrap-server option.
--describe                               List details for the given topics.
--disable-rack-aware                     Disable rack aware replica assignment
--exclude-internal                       exclude internal topics when running
                                           list or describe command. The
                                           internal topics will be listed by
--force                                  Suppress console prompts
--help                                   Print usage information.
--if-exists                              if set when altering or deleting or
                                           describing topics, the action will
                                           only execute if the topic exists.
--if-not-exists                          if set when creating topics, the
                                           action will only execute if the
                                           topic does not already exist.
--list                                   List all available topics.
--partitions <Integer: # of partitions>  The number of partitions for the topic
                                           being created or altered (WARNING:
                                           If partitions are increased for a
                                           topic that has a key, the partition
                                           logic or ordering of the messages
                                           will be affected). If not supplied
                                           for create, defaults to the cluster
--replica-assignment <String:            A list of manual partition-to-broker
  broker_id_for_part1_replica1 :           assignments for the topic being
  broker_id_for_part1_replica2 ,           created or altered.
  broker_id_for_part2_replica1 :
  broker_id_for_part2_replica2 , ...>
--replication-factor <Integer:           The replication factor for each
  replication factor>                      partition in the topic being
                                           created. If not supplied, defaults
                                           to the cluster default.
--topic <String: topic>                  The topic to create, alter, describe
                                           or delete. It also accepts a regular
                                           expression, except for --create
                                           option. Put topic name in double
                                           quotes and use the '\' prefix to
                                           escape regular expression symbols; e.
                                           g. "test\.topic".
--topics-with-overrides                  if set when describing topics, only
                                           show topics that have overridden
--unavailable-partitions                 if set when describing topics, only
                                           show partitions whose leader is not
--under-min-isr-partitions               if set when describing topics, only
                                           show partitions whose isr count is
                                           less than the configured minimum.
                                           Not supported with the --zookeeper
--under-replicated-partitions            if set when describing topics, only
                                           show under replicated partitions
--version                                Display Kafka version.
--zookeeper <String: hosts>              DEPRECATED, The connection string for
                                           the zookeeper connection in the form
                                           host:port. Multiple hosts can be
                                           given to allow fail-over.

List Kafka topics

%KAFKA_HOME%/bin/windows/kafka-topics.bat --list --bootstrap-server localhost:9092

Create Kafka topic

%KAFKA_HOME%/bin/windows/kafka-topics.bat --create --topic kontext-kafka --bootstrap-server localhost:9092

Describe Kafka topic

%KAFKA_HOME%/bin/windows/kafka-topics.bat --describe --topic kontext-kafka --bootstrap-server localhost:9092

Example output:

Topic: kontext-kafka    PartitionCount: 3       ReplicationFactor: 1    Configs: segment.bytes=1073741824
        Topic: kontext-kafka    Partition: 0    Leader: 0       Replicas: 0     Isr: 0
        Topic: kontext-kafka    Partition: 1    Leader: 0       Replicas: 0     Isr: 0
        Topic: kontext-kafka    Partition: 2    Leader: 0       Replicas: 0     Isr: 0

*In my Kafka environment, there is only one node thus Leader is always 0 and replica is also 0. 

Delete Kafka topic

%KAFKA_HOME%/bin/windows/kafka-topics.bat --delete --topic kontext-kafka --bootstrap-server localhost:9092
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