Install Teradata Express by Using VMware Player 6.0 in Windows

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In this article, I am going to introduce how to install Teradata Express in virtual machines in Windows.

Download software

1) Download VMware Player for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit from the following link (version 6.0):

This is a free software for personal use.

2) Download TDE SLES 10 for VMware (40GB) viewpoint:

This is the latest version of Teradata Express edition.

Install software

1) Install VM Player 6.0. Please turn off Windows feature Hyper-V off in your PC (restart required); otherwise you cannot open VM in the VM Player.

2) Extract the file TDExpress15.0.0.8_Sles10_40GB_vp.7z to a folder.

3) Open VMware Player


4) Choose ‘Open a Virtual Machine’ and select the file ‘TDExpress15.0.0.8_Sles10.vmx’


And now the setup work is done. As you can see, the OS is SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 64-bit and version is Workstation 6.5-7.x virtual machine.

Run the Virtual Machine

Just click ‘Play virtual machine’ and you are entering the world of Teradata.

You can also download and update VMware Tools for Linux for latest version (version 9.6.2) as recommended.


After some setups, you will be able to see the login window:


Login: root, Password: root.

After login, you can see the desktop:


Teradata Studio Express is also included in this virtual machine.

Run ‘Viewpoint Start’ / 'Viewpoint Stop’ to start/stop all the Teradata services.


Using Teradata Express Studio

In the studio, connect to the local Teradata database:

Driver: Teradata embedded JDBC

Database Server Name: localhost

User Name/Domain: dbc

Password: dbc

Authentication Mechanism: PASSWORD_PROTECTED


After connection is established, run the query below:

 select * from DBC.Accounts;

The result will be similar to the following screenshot:


For more details, visit the following site about how to use this tool:

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