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arrow_back Install Teradata Express by Using VMware Player 6.0 in Windows

account_circle Raymond
@sajid khan As you can see from the screenshot, the viewpoint is built in the image. You can start the view point by clicking the desktop icon. The following command can be used to verify the status in Linux/Unix: /etc/init.d/viewpoint status Viewpoint uses default 80 port number which means you can directly type your VM's IP address in your browser. You can search Teradata official documentation to find out more information: Viewpoint Configuration Guide

person sajid khan access_time 4 years ago
Re:Install Teradata Express by Using VMware Player 6.0 in Windows

Hi All, how can we test and access Viewpoint after installing VMware? I am able to login using dbc credentials now. Can someone please guide on accessing/installing viewpoint ? Thanks.!!!
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