Connect to Teradata database through Python

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Teradata published an official Python module which can be used in DevOps projects. More details can be found at the following GitHub site:

Install Teradata module

If pip is installed, you can directly install this module through the following command:

pip install Teradata

If not, you can download the package in the following URL:

After downloading, unzip the package and then use command prompt to navigate to the directory that contains file and then run the following command to install:

python install

Sample Code

"""Test teradata driver"""
import teradata
import sys
udaExec = teradata.UdaExec(
appName="HelloWorld", version="1.0", logConsole=False)
session = udaExec.connect(method="odbc", dsn="td16vm",
username="dbc", password="dbc", autocommit=True,
for row in session.execute('select getqueryband();'):
for row in session.execute('select top 10 tablename, tablekind from dbc.tables;'):
input('Type <Enter> to exit...')

Details about the sample code

When connecting to Teradata, the following parameters can be configured:

In the sample code, transaction mode is set as Teradata; auto commit is set as True (transactions will be committed automatically); connecting method is ODBC (the other options is REST), DSN is using td16vm which was setup using the following parameters in my computer:



Setup your own Teradata virtual machine

If you have no Teradata instance, you can setup one following this post:

Install Teradata Express by Using VMware Player 6.0 in Windows

Sample code result

The following screenshot shows the running result in my IDE (Visual Studio Code):


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