C# version history and core features

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C# is my favorite programming language and has been evolving overtime. I have been programming with many other languages but C# is always my favorite because it is simple and easy to use. Visual Studio is the most powerful tool I’ve ever used. To me, programming efficiency and performance are the key factors.

infoThis page will not be updated any more. For C# language features, refer to the compiler dpcumentation: https://github.com/dotnet/roslyn/blob/master/docs/Language%20Feature%20Status.md.

With each major release, new language or compiler features are added together with framework and IDE updates.

This page summarizes the version history up to C# 8.0 to help you recap the core features you may have missed.

Version history

* .NET Version doesn’t necessarily indicate the mini version that the feature could work on. For example, some features are compiler features/syntactic sugar and the code can work on previous version after compilation.

C# Version Visual Studio .NET Framework VersionCLR Version
Core Features
1.0 VS2012 + 1.0 +1
2.0 VS2005 + 2.0 +2
3.0 VS2008 + 3.5 +2
4.0 VS2010 + 4.0 +4
5.0 VS2011 + 4.5 +4
6.0 VS2015 + 4.6 +4
7.0 VS2017 15.0 + 4.7 +4
7.1 VS2017 15.3+ 4.7 +4
7.2VS2017 15.5+4.7+4
VS2017 15.7+

.NET Core 2.1
.NET Core 2.2

.NET Framework 4.8

Detailed documentation: What's new in C# 7.3
  • Accessing fixed fields without pinning
  • Reassigning ref local variables
  • Using initializers on stackalloc arrays
  • Using fixed statements with any type that supports a pattern
  • Using additional generic constraints

.NET Core 3.x 

.NET Standard 2.1

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