arrow_back How to fetch data from Teradata database?

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#1512 Re: How to fetch data from Teradata database?

Hello, welcome to Kontext!

I have not used UiPath thus will not be able to suggest on that.

However, based on experiences in the past on other tools, it requires a database driver to connect to a database. For example, Teradata connectivity provides different drivers for different programming languages or platforms:

If you program with Java, you can use JDBC driver; if you use Python, you can use ODBC or Python native driver or even JDBC driver (via JayDeBeAPI), etc.

For ETL tools, they usually work in two ways:

Pre-install the driver for you when you configure/install those tools.

Will need system administrator to install those

For Java-based, it's usually done by including JDBC jar file directly in the distribution thus no system installation is required.

For UiPath, it looks like it is based on .NET which means they could directly include the .NET data provider into the application if they want to ( Again, as I didn't use UiPath previously, I cannot comment further on this. 

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