All information about Kontext Project. Kontext Project is multi-user blog program written by Raymond Tang using the latest Microsoft related technologies, including ASP.NET MVC, Entity Framework,IoC,WebAPi,SQL Server and so on.


Kosmisch System Architecture–v1.5.0.0

565   1   about 5 years ago

kontext.tech is built on (ASP.NET MVC + EF + Komisch Studio Library + NInject + Other Components). The following is a current system diagram. It is supposed to change after Komisch Studio is online. ...

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Context Project 1.4.738.0–R20131012 Released

312   1   about 6 years ago

Publish Date 2013-10-13 New Features N/A Modifications 1) In order to resolve performance overhead, all the GUID columns in the schema of Context were removed; 2) All the underlying data models and business logic layers were refreshed. ...

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Context Project 1.4.715.0 Released

250   0   about 6 years ago

Publish Date 2013-07-14 New Features N/A Modifications Resolved the issue of posting without setting post date in Windows Live Writer. (DateTime.MinValue will be replaced to current datetime as SqlDateTime doesn’t accept min value) ...

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Context Project 1.4.708.0 Released (Feedback System)

262   1   about 7 years ago

Publish Date 2013-05-19 New Features Function : Added Feedback System to allow user add feedback under certain topic. * Contact me via the below link < Contact...

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Context Project 1.3.685.0 Released (Email Notification System)

374   2   about 7 years ago

Publish Date 2013-04-13 New Features Function : Added Email Notification System ( ENS ) to send messages to related stakeholders when a new comment is made on the blog post. * All the emails will be ...

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Context Project 1.3.655.0 Released (RSS is Implemented)

330   0   about 7 years ago

Publish Date 2013-03-31 New Features Restructured the solution. Added Routing project to manage all the routes in the website and  provide functions for other modules to generate friendly URLs directly. Added RRS 2.0 function for the site as well as each...

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Context Project 1.1.629.0 版本介绍

284   0   about 7 years ago

新增内容 无 修改内容 修复数据更新失败Bug (EF文件中数据库版本设置问题) 修复几处页面展示小Bug ...

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Context Project 版本介绍

405   0   about 7 years ago

项目背景 Context Project是由本站站长Raymond 于2012年开始设计,基于.NET 4.0/ASP.NET MVC 3.0建立的多用户博客程序。本博客吸取了Subtext博客程序的优点,并尽量简化。 开发工具: Visual Studio 2012 数据库: SQL Server 2012(DEV), SQL Server 2005(PROD) Web架构: ASP.NET MVC 3.0 其它框架: NInject, Entity Framework 5.0, Page...

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Context Project 1.2.644.0版本介绍

349   1   about 7 years ago

发布日期 2013-03-17 新增内容 Web UI CSS 新增C#/VB/JScript/HTML的代码段的修饰样式 新增基于XMLRPC的MetaWeblog接口 支持通过Windows Live Writer 发布博客、修改博客等功能 (Slug以及Excerpt由于MetaWeblog的限制,暂未实现,以后版本会陆续增加) 新增图片上传接口(目前包括在MetaWeblog的接口中,以后会独立成模块) Web.config以及配置模块新增元素ImageFolder用于配置上传文...

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