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Retrieve Azure AppSettings and Connection String Settings in ASP.NET Core Apps

4,902   0   about 3 years ago

In ASP.NET Core, we can easily use user secrets to manage our password or credentials. This post will summarize the approaches we can use after the websites are deployed into Azure.

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5 Minutes to Create a Linux VM in Microsoft Azure

396   0   about 4 years ago

In my previous post (

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4 Steps to Create Your Ubuntu Virtual Machine in Windows Azure

428   0   about 5 years ago

Creating virtual machine in windows azure is quite straightforward. After logged into the management portal ( ), you can create one VM within 4 steps. In the tab 'Virtual Machines', click the link button 'CREATE A VIRTUAL MACHINE' to start. ...

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SQL Azure 动手实践教程

305   0   about 9 years ago

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SQL Azure 概览与总结

416   0   about 9 years ago

SQL Azure 数据库是微软提供的云端数据库服务,其体系结构参考如下图:

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如何通过MSDN订阅激活免费提供的Windows Azure

1,719   0   about 9 years ago

本文将阐述MSDN订阅用户如何免费激活Windows Azure账号。

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