Kontext Comments Help
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Kontext comments

Comments are enabled for Forum and Column features.

Add comment

On Column article page, comment can be directly added after user is logged on.

Enter comment title and details and then click Add button to submit the comment.


To reply to an existing comment, click button 2020122155505-image.pngon the right bottom corner of the comment.  The page will jump to Add comment page as the following screenshot shows:


Click Create button to finishing creating comment. 

Edit comment

Existing comments can be edited.

  1. Go go Comments page. 
  2. Find out the comment you'd like to edit.
  3. Click icon button 2020122155853-image.png of the comment card.
  4. On the dropdown menu, click Edit menu item.
  5. Click Update button to save the changes. 

Delete comment

Comment can be deleted too. Once it is deleted, it cannot be edited again.

  1. Go go Comments page. 
  2. Find out the comment you'd like to delete.
  3. Click icon button 2020122155853-image.png of the comment card.
  4. On the dropdown menu, click Delete menu item.
  5. Click Delete button to delete the comment. 
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