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Hi Raymond Tang. I come back because I tried but I didn't succeded to embed a zeppelin notebook as an iframe in my website. I have something like that  

<div id="interactivForm">

                                <iframe id="MyInterpreter" src="http://localhost:8085/#/notebook/2DHDGTVNU"></iframe>
                           </div> in my website but it doesn't work. But I can access to http://localhost:8085/#/notebook/2DHDGTVNU without problem. Do you know how to do that?
Thank you.

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Hi Raymond. Now I don't really want to do any authentification. I want only to give an opportunity to anonymous user to execute spark in my website using zeppelin. So do you know how to do that or do you have a tutorial where I can see how to do that step by step? Thank you very much.
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Hi everyone,

do you know if it is possible to embed Zeppelin Notebook in a webpage? Like as an iframe or another method? So that users can come and execute their own code? Do you think that is possible? Has someone an idea to do that? Thank you!

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I am sorry. It works!
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I come again and sorry. When I run this commande %HADOOP_HOME%\bin\hdfs dfs -put file:///G:/DataAnalytics/test.txt / I get an error: put: `G:/DataAnalytics/test.txt': No such file or directory. But I followed the configuration step by step and my DataAnalytics folder is in G:.
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Hi. thank you for your answer. I found a solution for my problem. If it can help someone, the problem was related to the syntax of my system username. It contains a space. So, to fixe it, you can edit /etc/hadoop/hadoop-env.cmd, at the end of this file, you will find set HADOOP_IDENT_STRING=%USERNAME% , change this with a string that you want but without space. For example: set HADOOP_IDENT_STRING=myuser, the problem will be fixed.

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Good morning, I am trying to install hadoop 3.0.1 in my windows but when I want to test my configuration it gives me that error: Error: Can not find or load the main class. Can someone help me please?

Thank you

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