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Bootstrap 4 Mega Full Width Dropdown Menu

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On Kontext, a full width mega dropdown menu is implemented using Bootstrap 4. If you'd like to implement similar menus, please follow these steps.  Environment The following code snippets work with Bootstrap 4.4.1. It should also work with other 4.x versions but I didn't test i...

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Pandas is commonly used by Python users to perform data operations. In many scenarios, the results need to be saved to a storage like Teradata. This article shows you how to do that easily using JayDeBeApi or  ...

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CSV is a common data format used in many applications. It's also a common task for data workers to read and parse CSV and then save it into another storage such as RDBMS (Teradata, SQL Server, MySQL). In my previous article  ...

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In SQL Server, we can use TRUNCATE statement to clear all the records in a table and it usually performs better compared with DELETE statements as no transaction log for each individual row deletion. The syntax looks like the following: TRUNCATE TABLE { database_name.schema_name.tab...

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Python JayDeBeApi module allows you to connect from Python to Teradata databases using Java JDBC drivers. In article Connect to Teradata database through Python , I showed ho...

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When I was configuring Hive 3.0.0 in Hadoop 3.2.1 environment, I encountered the following error: Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: com.google.common.base.Preconditions.checkArgument(ZLjava/lang/String;Ljava/lang/Object;)V Ro...

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In my previous posts, I showed how to use  jaydebeapi or sqlite3 pack...

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Modern Web Application - Azure Blob Storage for Uploaded Files

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With cloud platforms like Azure, we can totally separate user content storage from web application storage to decouple components from each other and to make the application easy to scale and deploy. This article provides detailed information with code snippets about how to use Azure server-less product Blob Storage and App Service to enable horizontally scalable web application for users to upload files (BLOBs).

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Azure SQL Database Automated Backup Strategy

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When designing the architecture of Kontext platform, Azure SQL Database is chosen as the storage for relational data. TDE and other advanced security features are always enabled to protect the database. Backup plans are also employed to ensure I can always restore the database for as point of tim...

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To read data from SQLite database in Python, you can use the built-in sqlite3 package . Another approach is to use SQLite JDBC driver via  ...

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Hi Tim,

Just an update the previous issue (understanding you have fixed it but I'd like to post my findings here too just in case other people may be interested).

I've done the following steps to see if I can run Hadoop daemons without Administrator right.

  • Create a local computer account named hadoop.
  • Setup environment variables for this account.

  • Reconfigured HDFS dfs locations for both data and namespace.
  • Format the namenode again using this local account.
hadoop namenode -format
  • Start HDFS daemons

Commands can start successfully without any errors.

  • Start YARN daemons

Very interestingly, this time NodeManager can start successfully while ResourceManager cannot due to the following error:

org.apache.hadoop.service.ServiceStateException: java.io.IOException: Mkdirs failed to create file:/tmp/hadoop-yarn-hadoop/node-attribute

For YARN tmp folder, I am configuring it as the following:


So I then tried the following steps:

  • Stopped all the running Hadoop daemons.
  • Delete the existing tmp folder and recreate it using hadoop local account:

  • Delete DFS folder and recreate it

  • Reformat namenode
  • Restarted HDFS: the services were started successfully as the following screenshot shows.

  • Start YARN daemons:

This time the services all started successfully without any errors.

I can verify that through resource manager UI too:

So to summarize:

  • You don't necessarily need to create the tmp folder under your user directory.
  • And you can run Hadoop services without Administrator privileges on Windows as long as the HDFS directories and also tmp directories are setup correctly using the Windows account that runs Hadoop daemons.

Hope the above helps.


person Tim access_time 19 days ago
Re: Install Hadoop 3.2.1 on Windows 10 Step by Step Guide


I have been able to get around my need for admin it seems so far by changing my config so the tmp-nm folder is in my Documents versus in C drive directly in tmp.

However, it seems I still have some issues.   Two of them seem to point to wrong version of winutils.exe.   I am running windows 10 64 bit and am trying to get hadoop 3.2.1 running. One symtom of the wrong version is the repeated warning in Yarn node manager window over and over

WARN util.SysInfoWindows: Expected split length of sysInfo to be 11. Got 7

Another was the failure code of a job I submitted to insert data into a table from the hive prompt.  Job details were found in the Hadoop cluster local UI 

Application application_1589548856723_0001 failed 2 times due to AM Container for appattempt_1589548856723_0001_000002 exited with exitCode: 1639

Failing this attempt.Diagnostics: [2020-05-15 09:53:23.804]Exception from container-launch.

Container id: container_1589548856723_0001_02_000001

Exit code: 1639

Exception message: Incorrect command line arguments.

Shell output: Usage: task create [TASKNAME] [COMMAND_LINE] |

task isAlive [TASKNAME] |

task kill [TASKNAME]

task processList [TASKNAME]

Creates a new task jobobject with taskname

Checks if task jobobject is alive

Kills task jobobject

Prints to stdout a list of processes in the task

along with their resource usage. One process per line

and comma separated info per process



[2020-05-15 09:53:23.831]Container exited with a non-zero exit code 1639.

Some sites have said these two issues are symtom of having the wrong winutils.exe.

I have some other issues I'll wait to post after I can get these fixed.

I have used the link in this article to get winutils.exe.    I have also tried other winutils.exe's I find out there.  However, for the other ones I've tried when trying to start yarn, in the yarn node manager window it is full of errors like

2020-05-15 10:12:16,444 ERROR util.SysInfoWindows: java.io.IOException: Cannot run program "C:\Users\XXX\Documents\Big-Data\Hadoop\hadoop-3.2.1\bin\winutils.exe": CreateProcess error=216, This version of %1 is not compatible with the version of Windows you're running. Check your computer's system information and then contact the software publisher

So those ones are worse - I can't even get yarn started with those due to that error.  

So with the version I am using now I can get YARN to start although I get the warning about "WARN util.SysInfoWindows: Expected split length of sysInfo to be 11. Got 7" but the actual hive insert fails anyway... 

Appreciate the help.  How do I find or know if a winutil.exe is meant for windows 10 64 bit and Hadoop 3.2.1?

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Hi Tim,

In my computer, all the paths for HADDOP_HOME and JAVA_HOME are configured to a location without any space as I was worried that the spaces issue may cause problems in the applications.

That's also the reasons that most of Windows Hadoop installation guides recommend configuring them in a path that has no space. This is even more important for Hive installation.  

So I think you are right the issue was due to the space in your environment variables.

JAVA_HOME environment variable is setup in the following folder:


And also in Step 6 of this page, we've added class paths for JARs:


You can try to change them to absolute values with double quotes to see if they work. 

To save all the troubles, I would highly recommend getting Java available in a path without space or create a symbolic link to the Java folder in a location without space in the path.


person Tim access_time 18 days ago
Re: Install Hadoop 3.2.1 on Windows 10 Step by Step Guide

Hi Raymond,

Ok I got my work IT helpdesk to add my ID to the Create Symbolic Links directory. That worked fine. So I am now passed the exitCode=1: CreateSymbolicLink error (1314): A required privilege is not held by the client. error.

Now, it is throwing this error:

Application application_1589579676240_0001 failed 2 times due to AM Container for appattempt_1589579676240_0001_000002 exited with exitCode: 1

Failing this attempt.Diagnostics: [2020-05-15 17:57:08.681]Exception from container-launch.

Container id: container_1589579676240_0001_02_000001

Exit code: 1

Shell output: 1 file(s) moved.

"Setting up env variables"

"Setting up job resources"

"Copying debugging information"

C:\Users\V121119\Documents\Big-Data\tmp-nm\usercache\XXX\appcache\application_1589579676240_0001\container_1589579676240_0001_02_000001>rem Creating copy of launch script

C:\Users\V121119\Documents\Big-Data\tmp-nm\usercache\XXX\appcache\application_1589579676240_0001\container_1589579676240_0001_02_000001>copy "launch_container.cmd" "C:/Users/V121119/Documents/Big-Data/Hadoop/hadoop-3.2.1/logs/userlogs/application_1589579676240_0001/container_1589579676240_0001_02_000001/launch_container.cmd"

1 file(s) copied.

C:\Users\V121119\Documents\Big-Data\tmp-nm\usercache\XXX\appcache\application_1589579676240_0001\container_1589579676240_0001_02_000001>rem Determining directory contents

C:\Users\V121119\Documents\Big-Data\tmp-nm\usercache\XXX\appcache\application_1589579676240_0001\container_1589579676240_0001_02_000001>dir 1>>"C:/Users/XXX/Documents/Big-Data/Hadoop/hadoop-3.2.1/logs/userlogs/application_1589579676240_0001/container_1589579676240_0001_02_000001/directory.info"

"Launching container"

[2020-05-15 17:57:08.696]Container exited with a non-zero exit code 1. Last 4096 bytes of stderr :

'C:\Program' is not recognized as an internal or external command,

operable program or batch file.

[2020-05-15 17:57:08.696]Container exited with a non-zero exit code 1. Last 4096 bytes of stderr :

'C:\Program' is not recognized as an internal or external command,

operable program or batch file.

I think I know what is happening but don't know how to fix. One of my first errors was in hadoop.config.xml where it was trying to check if not exist %JAVA_HOME%\bin\java.exe but the problem is in path : C:\program files\Java\jre8  -Please note this directory "program files" has a space in it. The result was that I had to modify hadoop.config.xml  to put double quotes around the check - making it 

if not exist "%JAVA_HOME%\bin\java.exe" .  This resolved that problem.  Then another place I had found issue was on this line

for /f "delims=" %%A in ('%JAVA% -Xmx32m %HADOOP_JAVA_PLATFORM_OPTS% -classpath "%CLASSPATH%" org.apache.hadoop.util.PlatformName') do set JAVA_PLATFORM=%%A

This was messing up too for similar reason - it was erroring with similar error since some values in the classpath list were C:\program files\...  and once it hit the space it blew up.  For this line of code I just remarked it - since my HADOOP_JAVA_PLATFORM_OPTS is empty - I am not sure what I would have done had HADOOP_JAVA_PLATFORM_OPTS been populated. In any case, these were preliminary issues and all dealt with the fact that C:\program files... path was causing issues due to space.  Therefore when I saw this latest exception, I am assuming it too is hitting this at java path or some member of classpath that has the same... but not sure where to modify - how to work around.

As of 5/15 6:10pm EDT - this is my current issue - you may disregard the prior comments if you wish since they are resolved...   Thanks

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Hi Tim,

I did similar changes as you did:


And I cloud not start YARN nodemanager service because of the following error:

Caused by: org.apache.hadoop.yarn.exceptions.YarnRuntimeException: Permissions incorrectly set for dir F:/big-data/data/tmp/filecache, should be rwxr-xr-x, actual value = rwxrwxr-x

This issue is recorded here:

I cannot resolve this problem without running the commands as Administrator. 

Based on the JIRA links, these issues should have been fixed. However it may not work because my Windows account is not a local account or domain account.

I will find sometime to try directly using a local account (without Microsoft account) to see if it works. 

It seems you didn't get any issue when changing the local tmp folder, is that correct?


Comment is deleted or blocked.

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Hi Tim,

Have you checked YARN web portal to see if you can see the Spark application is submitted successfully? You should be able to find more details there too (assuming you are run Spark with master set as yarn).

I’m working today and will try to replicate what you did in my machine when I am off work.


Comment is deleted or blocked.

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Can you add the environment variables into bash profile?

vi ~/.bashrc

And then insert the following lines (replace the values to your paths as shown in your screenshot):

export HADOOP_HOME='/cygdrive/f/DataAnalytics/hadoop-3.0.0'
export HIVE_HOME='/cygdrive/f/DataAnalytics/apache-hive-3.0.0-bin'
export PATH=$PATH:$HIVE_HOME/bin

Save the file after insert.

It's very hard to debug without access to your environment. 


person Praveen access_time 2 months ago
Re: Apache Hive 3.0.0 Installation on Windows 10 Step by Step Guide

Still facing same issue.... 

Tries with derby command. I have shown  the echo path of hive and hadoop in the below screen shot... 

Can you help me in this?

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Hello Praveen,

If you close the cygwin windows and reopen it and then type the following:


Does that still list all the values?

And also, I noticed you are using mysql as hive metastore, have you configured all the values correctly? If not, I would recommend using derby if you are just installing Hive for learning.  derby is built in however it only supports on session concurrently.  


person Praveen access_time 2 months ago
Re: Apache Hive 3.0.0 Installation on Windows 10 Step by Step Guide

While I try to execute the below command in cygwin 

$HIVE_HOME/bin/schematool -dbType derby -initSchema

I am facing issues... I have installed hadoop 3.1.0

Can anyone help. Me in this? 

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Hi Saad,

Refer to the Reference section on this page: Default Ports Used by Hadoop Services (HDFS, MapReduce, YARN). It has the links to the official documentation about all the parameters you can configure in HDFS and YARN. It also shows the default values for each configurations.

For different versions of Hadoop, the default values might be different. 


person Saad access_time 2 months ago
Re: Install Hadoop 3.2.1 on Windows 10 Step by Step Guide



these 2 links were not opening once i reached till end, then i started changing values in hdfs-site.xml 

to some other paths locations in E drive and then i think got lost.

Today when i run start-dfs.cmd then data and name node start without any error and i can see above 2 urls without any error. 

Thanks for quick reply.

Can you also guide me where can i find and change ports values like 8088,9870 etc.  

 Thanks again for this tutorial.



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Hi Saad,

I don't see any error message in the log you pasted.

Can you please be more specific about the errors you encounterred.

For formatting namenode, it is correct to expect the namenode daemon to shutdown after the format is done. We will start all the HDFS and YAN daemons at the end. 


person Saad access_time 2 months ago
Re: Install Hadoop 3.2.1 on Windows 10 Step by Step Guide

hello Raymond,

I learning about Hadoop and was following your detailed information on windows installation.

2020-04-27 22:32:04,347 INFO namenode.NameNode: createNameNode [-format]

Formatting using clusterid: CID-1d0c51aa-5dde-446b-99c1-3997255160fa

2020-04-27 22:32:05,369 INFO namenode.FSEditLog: Edit logging is async:true

2020-04-27 22:32:05,385 INFO namenode.FSNamesystem: KeyProvider: null

2020-04-27 22:32:05,387 INFO namenode.FSNamesystem: fsLock is fair: true

2020-04-27 22:32:05,388 INFO namenode.FSNamesystem: Detailed lock hold time metrics enabled: false

2020-04-27 22:32:05,428 INFO namenode.FSNamesystem: fsOwner             = saad (auth:SIMPLE)

2020-04-27 22:32:05,431 INFO namenode.FSNamesystem: supergroup          = supergroup

2020-04-27 22:32:05,431 INFO namenode.FSNamesystem: isPermissionEnabled = true

2020-04-27 22:32:05,432 INFO namenode.FSNamesystem: HA Enabled: false

2020-04-27 22:32:05,535 INFO common.Util: dfs.datanode.fileio.profiling.sampling.percentage set to 0. Disabling file IO profiling

2020-04-27 22:32:05,554 INFO blockmanagement.DatanodeManager: dfs.block.invalidate.limit: configured=1000, counted=60, effected=1000

2020-04-27 22:32:05,554 INFO blockmanagement.DatanodeManager: dfs.namenode.datanode.registration.ip-hostname-check=true

2020-04-27 22:32:05,562 INFO blockmanagement.BlockManager: dfs.namenode.startup.delay.block.deletion.sec is set to 000:00:00:00.000

2020-04-27 22:32:05,563 INFO blockmanagement.BlockManager: The block deletion will start around 2020 Apr 27 22:32:05

2020-04-27 22:32:05,566 INFO util.GSet: Computing capacity for map BlocksMap

2020-04-27 22:32:05,566 INFO util.GSet: VM type       = 64-bit

2020-04-27 22:32:05,568 INFO util.GSet: 2.0% max memory 889 MB = 17.8 MB

2020-04-27 22:32:05,568 INFO util.GSet: capacity      = 2^21 = 2097152 entries

2020-04-27 22:32:05,579 INFO blockmanagement.BlockManager: Storage policy satisfier is disabled

2020-04-27 22:32:05,580 INFO blockmanagement.BlockManager: dfs.block.access.token.enable = false

2020-04-27 22:32:05,588 INFO Configuration.deprecation: No unit for dfs.namenode.safemode.extension(30000) assuming MILLISECONDS

2020-04-27 22:32:05,589 INFO blockmanagement.BlockManagerSafeMode: dfs.namenode.safemode.threshold-pct = 0.9990000128746033

2020-04-27 22:32:05,589 INFO blockmanagement.BlockManagerSafeMode: dfs.namenode.safemode.min.datanodes = 0

2020-04-27 22:32:05,589 INFO blockmanagement.BlockManagerSafeMode: dfs.namenode.safemode.extension = 30000

2020-04-27 22:32:05,591 INFO blockmanagement.BlockManager: defaultReplication         = 1

2020-04-27 22:32:05,591 INFO blockmanagement.BlockManager: maxReplication             = 512

2020-04-27 22:32:05,591 INFO blockmanagement.BlockManager: minReplication             = 1

2020-04-27 22:32:05,592 INFO blockmanagement.BlockManager: maxReplicationStreams      = 2

2020-04-27 22:32:05,592 INFO blockmanagement.BlockManager: redundancyRecheckInterval  = 3000ms

2020-04-27 22:32:05,592 INFO blockmanagement.BlockManager: encryptDataTransfer        = false

2020-04-27 22:32:05,593 INFO blockmanagement.BlockManager: maxNumBlocksToLog          = 1000

2020-04-27 22:32:05,646 INFO namenode.FSDirectory: GLOBAL serial map: bits=29 maxEntries=536870911

2020-04-27 22:32:05,646 INFO namenode.FSDirectory: USER serial map: bits=24 maxEntries=16777215

2020-04-27 22:32:05,647 INFO namenode.FSDirectory: GROUP serial map: bits=24 maxEntries=16777215

2020-04-27 22:32:05,647 INFO namenode.FSDirectory: XATTR serial map: bits=24 maxEntries=16777215

2020-04-27 22:32:05,664 INFO util.GSet: Computing capacity for map INodeMap

2020-04-27 22:32:05,664 INFO util.GSet: VM type       = 64-bit

2020-04-27 22:32:05,664 INFO util.GSet: 1.0% max memory 889 MB = 8.9 MB

2020-04-27 22:32:05,665 INFO util.GSet: capacity      = 2^20 = 1048576 entries

2020-04-27 22:32:05,666 INFO namenode.FSDirectory: ACLs enabled? false

2020-04-27 22:32:05,666 INFO namenode.FSDirectory: POSIX ACL inheritance enabled? true

2020-04-27 22:32:05,667 INFO namenode.FSDirectory: XAttrs enabled? true

2020-04-27 22:32:05,667 INFO namenode.NameNode: Caching file names occurring more than 10 times

2020-04-27 22:32:05,674 INFO snapshot.SnapshotManager: Loaded config captureOpenFiles: false, skipCaptureAccessTimeOnlyChange: false, snapshotDiffAllowSnapRootDescendant: true, maxSnapshotLimit: 65536

2020-04-27 22:32:05,677 INFO snapshot.SnapshotManager: SkipList is disabled

2020-04-27 22:32:05,681 INFO util.GSet: Computing capacity for map cachedBlocks

2020-04-27 22:32:05,681 INFO util.GSet: VM type       = 64-bit

2020-04-27 22:32:05,682 INFO util.GSet: 0.25% max memory 889 MB = 2.2 MB

2020-04-27 22:32:05,683 INFO util.GSet: capacity      = 2^18 = 262144 entries

2020-04-27 22:32:05,713 INFO metrics.TopMetrics: NNTop conf: dfs.namenode.top.window.num.buckets = 10

2020-04-27 22:32:05,714 INFO metrics.TopMetrics: NNTop conf: dfs.namenode.top.num.users = 10

2020-04-27 22:32:05,714 INFO metrics.TopMetrics: NNTop conf: dfs.namenode.top.windows.minutes = 1,5,25

2020-04-27 22:32:05,720 INFO namenode.FSNamesystem: Retry cache on namenode is enabled

2020-04-27 22:32:05,721 INFO namenode.FSNamesystem: Retry cache will use 0.03 of total heap and retry cache entry expiry time is 600000 millis

2020-04-27 22:32:05,723 INFO util.GSet: Computing capacity for map NameNodeRetryCache

2020-04-27 22:32:05,723 INFO util.GSet: VM type       = 64-bit

2020-04-27 22:32:05,724 INFO util.GSet: 0.029999999329447746% max memory 889 MB = 273.1 KB

2020-04-27 22:32:05,724 INFO util.GSet: capacity      = 2^15 = 32768 entries

2020-04-27 22:32:05,765 INFO namenode.FSImage: Allocated new BlockPoolId: BP-1264791665-

2020-04-27 22:32:05,810 INFO common.Storage: Storage directory E:\big-data\data\dfs\namespace_logs has been successfully formatted.

2020-04-27 22:32:05,841 INFO namenode.FSImageFormatProtobuf: Saving image file E:\big-data\data\dfs\namespace_logs\current\fsimage.ckpt_0000000000000000000 using no compression

2020-04-27 22:32:05,939 INFO namenode.FSImageFormatProtobuf: Image file E:\big-data\data\dfs\namespace_logs\current\fsimage.ckpt_0000000000000000000 of size 399 bytes saved in 0 seconds .

2020-04-27 22:32:05,957 INFO namenode.NNStorageRetentionManager: Going to retain 1 images with txid >= 0

2020-04-27 22:32:05,963 INFO namenode.FSImage: FSImageSaver clean checkpoint: txid=0 when meet shutdown.

2020-04-27 22:32:05,963 INFO namenode.NameNode: SHUTDOWN_MSG:


SHUTDOWN_MSG: Shutting down NameNode at DESKTOP-ROC4R5P/


i have downloaded jar and put in folder also.


Can you help me what thing i am setting wrong??? it will be great help and guidance.



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This article is for Hive 3.1.1 installation on Windows 10 using WSL. All the command line needs to run in WSL bash window (not Command Prompt). 

Based on your screenshot, you are trying to install it on Windows 10 directly. If that's the case, please following the following article:

Apache Hive 3.0.0 Installation on Windows 10 Step by Step Guide

It has been tested by quite a few users with successful installation. 


person Yathish access_time 2 months ago
Re: Apache Hive 3.1.1 Installation on Windows 10 using Windows Subsystem for Linux

How do we run schematool in windows.

Also failing to run with cygwin available

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I’m glad it is working. Have fun with your big data journey!

person Saikat access_time 2 months ago
Re: Apache Hive 3.0.0 Installation on Windows 10 Step by Step Guide

Hey Raymond,

Thanks a lot brother for your prompt response.

This worked like a charm after amending mapred-site.xml with %HADOOP_HOME%.  I made a mistake using the unix convention of the variable and was trying the same thing with $HADOOP_HOME$.

Successfully inserted data. Cheers!

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