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From now on, Kontext users can use Markdown editors to publish articles, threads and comments on Kontext. This will enable developers to publish articles quickly using familiar Markdown syntax.

Supported specifications

Both CommonMark and GFM (Github Flavoured Markdown) are supported. The editor has two modes: Markdown mode and WYSIWYG mode. You can easily switch the mode by click the tabs on the right bottom corner of the editors on Kontext as the following screenshot shows:


For existing content

For existing HTML based content like posts or comments, they have been either converted automatically or will be converted when you edit them. For new content, the format is always Markdown.

Other features

Dark theme mode is also supported by the editor. Two languages (i18n) have been provided together with Kontext website languages: English and Chinese (Simplified).

Any feedbacks

If you have any feedbacks, feel free to post a comment here. I love to hear your feedbacks about the experience with this new editor.

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