Install Spark 2.2.1 in Windows

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This page summarizes the steps to install Spark 2.2.1 in your Windows environment.

Tools and Environment

  • GIT Bash
  • Command Prompt
  • Windows 10

Download Binary Package

Download the latest binary from the following site:

In my case, I am saving the file to folder: F:\DataAnalytics.

UnZip binary package

Open Git Bash, and change directory (cd) to the folder where you save the binary package and then unzip:

$ cd F:\DataAnalytics

fahao@Raymond-Alienware MINGW64 /f/DataAnalytics
$ tar -xvzf   spark-2.2.1-bin-hadoop2.7.tgz

In my case, spark is extracted to: F:\DataAnalytics\spark-2.2.1-bin-hadoop2.7

Setup environment variables


Follow section ‘JAVA_HOME environment variable’ in the following page to setup JAVA_HOME


Setup SPARK_HOME environment variable with value of your spark installation directory.



Added ‘%SPARK_HOME%\bin’ to your path environment variable.

Verify the installation

Verify command

Run the following command in Command Prompt to verify the installation.


The screen should be similar to the following screenshot:


Run examples

Execute the following command in Command Prompt to run one example provided as part of Spark installation (class SparkPi with param 10).

%SPARK_HOME%\bin\run-example.cmd SparkPi 10

The output looks like the following:

Spark context UI

As printed out, Spark context Web UI available at

The following is a screenshot of the UI:


Spark developer tools

Refer to the following page if you are interested in any Spark developer tools.

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