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Get the Current Spark Context Settings/Configurations

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In Spark, there are a number of settings/configurations you can specify including application properties and runtime parameters.


Get current configurations

To retrieve all the current configurations, you can use the following code (Python):

from pyspark.sql import SparkSession

appName = "PySpark Partition Example"
master = "local[8]"

# Create Spark session with Hive supported.
spark = SparkSession.builder \
    .appName(appName) \
    .master(master) \

configurations = spark.sparkContext.getConf().getAll()
for conf in configurations:

* The above code is for Spark 2.0+ versions.

The output for the above code looks similar like the following:

('spark.rdd.compress', 'True')
('spark.app.name', 'PySpark Partition Example')
('spark.app.id', 'local-1554464117837')
('spark.master', 'local[8]')
('spark.serializer.objectStreamReset', '100')
('spark.executor.id', 'driver')
('spark.submit.deployMode', 'client')
('spark.driver.host', 'Raymond-Alienware')
('spark.driver.port', '11504')
('spark.ui.showConsoleProgress', 'true')

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