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Scala: Read JSON file as Spark DataFrame

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In article Scala: Parse JSON String as Spark DataFrame, it shows how to convert an in-memory JSON string object to a Spark DataFrame. This article shows how to read directly from a JSON file. In fact, this is even simpler. 

Read from local JSON file

The following code snippet reads from a local JSON file named test.json.

The content of the JSON file is:


Code snippet

scala> spark.read.format("json").option("multiLine","true").load("file:///F:\\big-data/test.json").show()
|  ABC|  1|
|  DEF|  2|
|  GHI|  3|

Read from HDFS JSON file

The following code snippet reads from a path in HDFS (/big-data/test.json):

scala> spark.read.format("json").option("multiLine","true").load("/big-data/test.json").show()
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