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Hadoop Daemon Log Files Location

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About Hadoop daemon services

To start a Hadoop service, we use scripts under sbin folder of Hadoop home folder. 

For example, the following two commands start Hadoop HDFS services (namenode and datanode) on Windows and UNIX-alike systems respectively. 

Sometimes, these daemon services may fail to start. To investigate the root cause, we need to look into log folder. 


This environment variable is used for Hadoop log directory.

By default the values are:

  • Windows:
    @rem Where log files are stored.  %HADOOP_HOME%/logs by default.

    The logs are located in folder %HADOOP_HOME%/logs.

  • Linux:
    # Where (primarily) daemon log files are stored.
    # ${HADOOP_HOME}/logs by default.
    # Java property: hadoop.log.dir
    # export HADOOP_LOG_DIR=${HADOOP_HOME}/logs

    The logs are located in folder ${HADOOP_HOME}/logs.

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