Azure PowerShell Runbook Error - Internet Explorer engine is not available

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Error detail

The response content cannot be parsed because the Internet Explorer engine is not available, or Internet Explorer's first-launch configuration is not complete. Specify the UseBasicParsing parameter and try again. 

How to reproduce

  • Create an Azure automation account.
  • Go to Process Automation -> Runbooks
  • Click button Create a runbook
  • Choose PowerShell as runbook type and select the runtime version:
  • In the content area, input PowerShell script: Invoke-WebRequest "" | Select-Object StatusCode,StatusDescription
  • Click Test panel
  • Click Run button to run and the following error will show up:


The printed out error message already provides the solution: we just need to add parameter -UseBasicParsing to the command:

Invoke-WebRequest "" -UseBasicParsing  | Select-Object StatusCode,StatusDescription

The result looks like the following screenshot:


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