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Kontext Diagrams is now live

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Kontext Diagrams is now live

About Kontext Diagrams

Kontext Diagrams are now available. Users can create diagrams including general diagrams, UML, BPMN diagrams, flow charts, and cloud solution diagrams (Azure, GCP and AWS), etc.

Create and edit a diagram

For Kontext registered users, follow these steps to create and edit a diagram:

  1. Go to Diagrams index page
  2. Click Draw diagram button. 
  3. Drag and drop from left side stencils to draw a diagram.
  4. Input diagram details: Title, Short description, Language, Access level, Tags.
  5. Click Create button to save the diagram. 
  6. In diagram display page, click option icon and then click Edit menu item to start editing the diagram:
  7. The editor will load all the details for editing:
  8. Click Save button to save the changes. 

Embed diagrams 

All the diagrams can be imbedded into Kontext column articles or forum threads:

  1. Click image gallery icon from editor toolbar:
  2. In the popup window, click My diagrams tab:
  3. Select a diagram and then click Insert image button.
  4. The diagram will be embedded as images into your column article or forum thread content. 

Diagrams can also be used as your article feature image:


Featured image will be shown in article or tag cards.

Copy a diagram

It's very easy to create a diagram from your existing ones. Follow these steps to copy a diagram:

  1. In diagram display page, click option icon on the left:
  2. Input a new title and also make necessary changes in the editor.
  3. Click Create button to save it as a new diagram.

Share diagrams

You can click sharing icon to share the diagrams to your social networks. Alternatively, you can copy the image URL and then embed into your own websites. 


warning Before embedding the diagram into other websites, please ensure you are familiar with our site terms. It's always good practice to get user approval before you share it.  

Have fun with Kontext Diagrams! If you have any feedbacks, please comment here. 

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