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Kontext Search is now Live

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Kontext Search is now Live

In the past, Kontext relies on Google Custom Search to provide search functionality. To improve search user experience, new feature Kontext Search Engine is now enabled on this website. 

Search scopes

At the moment, only the following information is indexed to ensure performance.

  • Column title and short description (sub title).

  • Forum title and short description (sub title). 

  • Column article title and short description .

  • Forum thread title and short description.

  • Tags (title and short description).

  • Diagram title and short description.

Available fields

  • title

  • description

More fields search will be added in future releases.  

Search input box is available on each content pages on Kontext. You can input keywords and then press search icon to search. 


Kontext Search Engine supports advanced syntax:

  • Rich constraint semantics AND, OR, NOT etc. For example, keywords Python AND DataFrame will only return pages with words Python and DataFrame in title. 

  • Rich text semantics (phrase match, wildcard match, near, fuzzy match etc).

  • Text query syntax. For example: title:(spark AND dataframe) OR description:(pyspark*). At the moment, only field title is supported. 

You can also use Google Search by simply clicking the Search on Google button on the right side of the result page. 


Limitations for anonymous users

For anonymous users, only the first 10 records (or the first page) will be shown. A login/register reminder will show at the bottom of the page. 


Kontext existing users can log in to view all the results. 

Example searches

The following are some example searches for your reference:

  • Hadoop AND Windows: returns pages with keywords Hadoop and Windows in title.

  • Hadoop Windows: returns pages with keywords Hadoop or Windows in title.

  • Spark: returns pages with Spark in title. 

  • Spark NOT(Scala): returns pages with Spark in title but Scala not in title. 


If you have any suggestions, feel free to comment here. Kontext will always improve based on user feedbacks. 

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