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Run Multiple Python Scripts PySpark Application with yarn-cluster Mode

84   0   about 22 days ago

When submitting Spark applications to YARN cluster, two deploy modes can be used: client and cluster. For client mode (default), Spark driver runs on the machine that the Spark application was submitted while for cluster mode, the driver runs on a random node in a cluster. On this page, I am goin...

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Convert PySpark Row List to Pandas Data Frame

30   0   about 25 days ago

In Spark, it’s easy to convert Spark Dataframe to Pandas dataframe through one line of code: df_pd = df.toPandas() In this page, I am going to show you how to convert a list of PySpark row objects to a Pandas data frame. Prepare the data frame The fo...

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Diagnostics: Container is running beyond physical memory limits

164   0   about 3 months ago

Scenario Recently I created an Oozie workflow which contains one Spark action. The Spark action master is yarn and deploy mode is cluster. Each time when the job runs about 30 minutes, the application fails with errors like the following: Application applicatio...

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Install Hadoop 3.2.0 on Windows 10 using Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)

3,945   16   about 3 months ago

In my previous post , I showed how to configure a single node Hadoop instance on Windows 10. The steps are not too difficult to follow if you have Java programming backgr...

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Fix PySpark TypeError: field **: **Type can not accept object ** in type <class '*'>

334   0   about 3 months ago

When creating Spark date frame using schemas, you may encounter errors about “field **: **Type can not accept object ** in type &lt;class '*'&gt;”. The actual error can vary, for instances, the following are some examples: field xxx: BooleanType can not accept object 100 in type ...

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PySpark: Convert Python Array/List to Spark Data Frame

736   0   about 3 months ago

In Spark, SparkContext.parallelize function can be used to convert Python list to RDD and then RDD can be converted to DataFrame object. The following sample code is based on Spark 2.x. In this page, I am going to show you how to convert the following list to a data frame: data = [(...

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Load Data from Teradata in Spark (PySpark)

482   0   about 3 months ago

In my article Connect to Teradata database through Python , I demonstrated about how to use Teradata python package or Teradata ODBC driver to connect to Teradata. In this article, I’m going to...

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Read Hadoop Credential in PySpark

158   0   about 3 months ago

In one of my previous articles about Password Security Solution for Sqoop , I mentioned creating credential using hadoop credential command. The credentials are stored in JavaKey...

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Big Data Tools on Windows via Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)

431   0   about 5 months ago

This page summarizes the installation guides about big data tools on Windows through Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). ...

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Sqoop Installation on Windows 10 using Windows Subsystem for Linux

266   0   about 5 months ago

This page summarizes the steps required to install Apache Sqoop (v1.4.7) in Windows 10 environment via Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). Prerequisites If you have already installed Hadoop 3.2.0 in WSL, ignore the following steps as you don’t need to install it again. Follow&...

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Apache Spark 2.4.3 Installation on Windows 10 using Windows Subsystem for Linux

1,107   4   about 5 months ago

This pages summarizes the steps to install the latest version 2.4.3 of Apache Spark on Windows 10 via Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). Prerequisites Follow either of the following pages to install WSL in a system or non-system drive on your Windows 10. ...

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Install Zeppelin 0.7.3 on Windows 10 using Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)

526   0   about 5 months ago

This page summarizes the steps to install Zeppelin version 0.7.3 on Windows 10 via Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). Version 0.8.1 When running Zeppelin in Ubuntu, the server may pick up one host address that is not accessible, for example, and the the remote interprete...

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Apache Hive 3.1.1 Installation on Windows 10 using Windows Subsystem for Linux

908   2   about 5 months ago

Previously, I demonstrated how to configured Apache Hive 3.0.0 on Windows 10. Apache Hive 3.0.0 Installation on Windows 10 Step by Step Guide...

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HiveServer2 Cannot Connect to Hive Metastore Resolutions/Workarounds

337   0   about 5 months ago

Since Hive 3.x, new authentication feature for HiveServer2 client is added. When starting HiveServer2 service (Hive version 3.0.0), you may encounter errors like: ‘HiveServer2 metastore.RetryingMetaStoreClient: RetryingMetaStoreClient trying reconnect as [username]&nbsp; (auth:S...

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Configure a SQL Server Database as Remote Hive Metastore

584   0   about 5 months ago

In one of my previous post, I showed how to configure Apache Hive 3.0.0 in Windows 10. Apache Hive 3.0.0 Installation on Windows 10 Step by Step Guide ...

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Install Windows Subsystem for Linux on a Non-System Drive

525   0   about 4 months ago

This page shows how to install Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) system on a non-system drive manually. Enable Windows Subsystem for Linux system feature Open PowerShell as Administrator and run the following command to enable WSL feature: Enable-WindowsOptionalFea...

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Notification Email Address Change Notice

41   0   about 5 months ago

In the past months, this website has been using the following Email address to delivery all the notification messages to the website users such as registration confirmation email, comment email and so on. no-reply[at] However, I recently found that...

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JDBC Integrated Security, NTLM and Kerberos Authentication for SQL Server

431   0   about 5 months ago

With Microsoft SQL Server JDBC driver, you can connect to the database through SQL Server Authentication or Kerberos Authentication. This post summarizes the configurations required for each authentication method with coding examples. *NTLM block in the following diagram represents pure Jav...

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Querying Teradata and SQL Server - Tutorial 1: The SELECT Statement

36,661   7   about 5 years ago

SELECT is one of the most commonly used statements. In this tutorial, I will cover the following items: Two of the principal query clauses—FROM and SELECT Data Types Built-in functions CASE expressions and variations like ISNULL and COALESCE. * The functio...

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Install Hadoop 3.0.0 in Windows (Single Node)

21,153   28   about 2 years ago

This page summarizes the steps to install Hadoop 3.0.0 in your Windows environment. Reference page: ...

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Install Teradata Express by Using VMware Player 6.0 in Windows

14,818   23   about 6 years ago

In this article, I am going to introduce how to install Teradata Express in virtual machines in Windows. Download software 1) Download VMware Player for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit from the following link (version 6.0): ...

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Server.MapPath Equivalent in ASP.NET Core 2

13,511   2   about 2 years ago

In traditional applications, Server.MapPath is commonly used to generate absolute path in the web server. However, this has been removed from ASP.NET Core. So what is the equivalent way of doing it?

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Working with SQL Server Compact 4.0 using Entity Framework 6 and ADO.NET

12,785   0   about 5 years ago

SQL Server Compact 4.0 (CE 4.0) is a free SQL Server embedded database ideal for building standalone and occasionally connected applications for mobile devices, desktops, Web clients and others. In one of my projects, I used it as the database for logging errors, which assumes the errors will onl...

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Write and Read Parquet Files in Spark/Scala

11,850   2   about 2 years ago

In this page, I’m going to demonstrate how to write and read parquet files in Spark/Scala by using Spark SQLContext class. Reference What is parquet format? Go the following project site to understand more about parquet. ...

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Create ETL Project with Teradata through SSIS

11,681   4   about 5 years ago

Infosphere DataStage is adopted as ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) tool in many Teradata based data warehousing projects. With the Teradata ODBC and .NET data providers, you can also use the BI tools from Microsoft, i.e. SSIS. In my previous post, I demonstrated how to install Teradata Tool...

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Generate Formatted Excel Destination (Output) in SSIS Data Flow Task

10,855   0   about 6 years ago

SSIS (SQL Server Integration Service) provides a number of convenient tasks to enable data integration. Exporting data from database to Excel file is a common task in ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) projects. Constantly the users/customers may raise format request regarding the Excel extract. To g...

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Retrieve Identity username, email and other information in ASP.NET Core

10,794   0   about 2 years ago

The identity system in ASP.NET has evolved over time. If you are using ASP.NET Core, you probably found User property is an instance of ClaimsPrincipal in Controller or Razor views. Thus to retrieve the information, you need to utilize the claims.

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Java Kerberos Authentication Configuration Sample & SQL Server Connection Practice

8,831   2   about 4 years ago

Overview Recently, I have been working on an ETL framework to load various source data (i.e. files, SQL Server, Oracle and Teradata) into Teradata. Due to some limitations, Java was chosen as the implementation language though IBM Infosphere DataStage is available to use. DataStage has p...

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Issue - Unable to get property 'apply' of undefined or null reference occurred in Angular 4.*, VS2017 15.3, ASP.NET Core 2.0

8,286   10   about 3 years ago

Issue Context After installed Visual Studio 2017 15.3 preview and .net core 2.0 preview SDK, I upgraded one of my existing core project to 2.0. The project was created using ‘dotnet new angular’ SPA template.&nbsp; I also upgraded all the client app packages to the latest. For exa...

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Connect to Teradata database through Python

7,816   3   about 2 years ago

Teradata published an official Python module which can be used in DevOps projects. More details can be found at the following GitHub site: Install Teradata module ...

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Connect to Teradata Virtual Machine Guest from Windows Host

7,551   16   about 5 years ago

In my previous posts about Querying Teradata and SQL Server, I logged into the virtual machine graphic interface to manage the database. However, I constantly found it is resource intensive as there is only 4GB memory in my laptop. Instead, I will use text mode to start the virtual machine and co...

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PySpark: Convert JSON String Column to Array of Object (StructType) in Data Frame

7,327   0   about 9 months ago

This post shows how to derive new column in a Spark data frame from a JSON array string column. I am running the code in Spark 2.2.1 though it is compatible with Spark 1.6.0 (with less JSON SQL functions). Prerequisites Refer to the following post to install Spark in Windows. ...

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SQLite in .NET Core with Entity Framework Core

7,157   2   about 2 years ago

SQLite is a self-contained and embedded SQL database engine. In .NET Core, Entity Framework Core provides APIs to work with SQLite. This page provides sample code to create a SQLite database using package Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.Sqlite . Create sample project ...

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Write and Read Parquet Files in HDFS through Spark/Scala

6,926   0   about 2 years ago

In my previous post, I demonstrated how to write and read parquet files in Spark/Scala. The parquet file destination is a local folder. Write and Read Parquet Files in Spark/Scala In this page...

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Convert String to Date in Spark (Scala)

6,585   0   about 2 years ago

Context This pages demonstrates how to convert string to java.util.Date in Spark via Scala. Prerequisites If you have not installed Spark, follow the page below to install it: ...

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ng is not recognized as an internal or external command (Windows 10)

6,089   2   about 11 months ago

Problem When you follow Angular CLI installation guide in Windows, you may encounter the following error: ng is not recognized as an internal or external command The resolutions are available in the following link: ...

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about 4 days ago

@Raymond Tang I run in console. i did not do double click on the cmd file.

about 5 days ago

When you run the cmd script, did you directly open the script file or run the command line in Command Prompt?

about 5 days ago

I see your tutorial about the installation of hadoop on windows
However i am gettin this error when try to run the yarn demons with start-yarn.cmd:

This file does not have an app associated with it for performing this action. Please install an app or, if one is already installed, create an association in the defaul apps settings page.

Do you know some solution for that?

Thanks in advance.

about 6 days ago

Did you follow all the exact steps in my post? It seems like Java path (configured in environment variables) doesn't include some of the jar files Hadoop is using. However. it's hard to debug without access to your environment. 

about 7 days ago

I'm using JDK 8.

I tried setting yarn-nodemanager-opts and yarn-resourcemanager-opts  like the link you gave me but no luck the error is still there

about 9 days ago


It seems your problem is similar like the following:

Are you using JDK9 or above?

Can you try with JDK 8? I have not tried with JDK 9 or above as it was not fully supported. It may work now but Java 8 is the one recommended from the official website. 

about 9 days ago

I can't start up the resource manager and node manager

i got the error: 


 WARN webapp.WebAppContext: Failed startup of context o.e.j.w.WebAppContext@53830483{/,file:///C:/Users/ASUS/AppData/Local/Temp/jetty-,UNAVAILABLE}{/cluster} Unable to provision, see the following errors:

1) Error injecting constructor, java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: javax/activation/DataSource at org.apache.hadoop.yarn.server.resourcemanager.webapp.JAXBContextResolver.<init>(

  at org.apache.hadoop.yarn.server.resourcemanager.webapp.RMWebApp.setup(

  while locating org.apache.hadoop.yarn.server.resourcemanager.webapp.JAXBContextResolver


about 10 days ago


Can you add more details about the question? I am not sure whether I understand correctly. If you want to execute that command, you can directly run it in bash/Terminal.

about 14 days ago

how to we execute "hdfs fsck" command, it's giving regarding the file system commands

about 2 months ago


I'm not sure whether I understand your questions correctly or not. Once your import the data using Import or Direct Query, you can then customise through Power Query Editor in Power BI:

about 2 months ago

Hi, please try this repository

Unfortunately, this is only updated to Hadoop 3.0.0.

I'm not sure whether it works for 3.2.0. You can give it a try. Please pay attention to the file about the author's declaration. 

about 2 months ago

You mention "native Hadoop executable (winutils.exe) is not included in the official Hadoop distribution and needs to be downloaded separately [or built locally]."  Do you happen to know where this can be downloaded for 3.2.0?

about 2 months ago


Thank you for your post.

Do you know how to customize de query in power query?

Couldn't find it in any documentation.


Joana Barbosa

about 2 months ago

If it doesn’t exist, you can create one using the template file in the same directory : hive-site.xml.template.

If the template file didn’t exist either, you can create this file directly. The root element for this XML file is configuration:




about 2 months ago

Hi Mate, we couldn't find file "$HIVE_HOME/conf/hive-site.xml" in 3.1.1 package. Alternatively tried other versions couldn't find same file there too.

Please let me know how do I get/fix it.

Many Thanks 

about 3 months ago

Thanks.  I also got the issue when I was writing the post. However I was able to resolve it by running the following two commands only:

sudo apt-get install ssh

sudo service ssh restart

Just in case other people cannot resolve the problem, I've updated the post to include the link to your comment so that they can follow that guide to resolve the connection issue.

about 3 months ago

This is a really cool blog.  I had the same issue with the ssh not working as others (connection closed), and was able to get past it by following the solution on this SE post: