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Windows Subsystem for Linux CLIs

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List distros

wsl -l

Example output:

Windows Subsystem for Linux Distributions:
Ubuntu-18.04 (Default)

In the above output default distro is Ubuntu-18.04.

Shutdown running distro

wsl --shutdown

The above command immediately terminates all running distributions and the WSL 2 lightweight utility virtual machine.

Terminate the specified distro

wsl --terminate {distro}

Set default distro

wsl --set-default, -s <Distro>

For example, the following command set the default distro to Debian.

wsl -s Debian

Run the specified distro

Use the following command to run the specified distro:

wsl --distribution, -d <Distro>

For example, the following command runs Debian distro:

wsl -d Debian

For other commands

Run help command to learn all other available commands.

wsl --help
Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

Usage: wsl.exe [Argument] [Options...] [CommandLine]

Arguments for running Linux binaries:

    If no command line is provided, wsl.exe launches the default shell.

    --exec, -e <CommandLine>
        Execute the specified command without using the default Linux shell.

        Pass the remaining command line as is.

    --distribution, -d <Distro>
        Run the specified distribution.

    --user, -u <UserName>
        Run as the specified user.

Arguments for managing Windows Subsystem for Linux:

    --export <Distro> <FileName>
        Exports the distribution to a tar file.
        The filename can be - for standard output.

    --import <Distro> <InstallLocation> <FileName> [Options]
        Imports the specified tar file as a new distribution.
        The filename can be - for standard input.

            --version <Version>
                Specifies the version to use for the new distribution.

    --list, -l [Options]
        Lists distributions.

                List all distributions, including distributions that are currently
                being installed or uninstalled.

                List only distributions that are currently running.

            --quiet, -q
                Only show distribution names.

            --verbose, -v
                Show detailed information about all distributions.

    --set-default, -s <Distro>
        Sets the distribution as the default.

    --set-default-version <Version>
        Changes the default install version for new distributions.

    --set-version <Distro> <Version>
        Changes the version of the specified distribution.

        Immediately terminates all running distributions and the WSL 2 lightweight utility virtual machine.

    --terminate, -t <Distro>
        Terminates the specified distribution.

    --unregister <Distro>
        Unregisters the distribution.

        Display usage information.
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