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PySpark split and explode example

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This code snippet shows you how to define a function to split a string column to an array of strings using Python built-in split function. It then explodes the array element from the split into using PySpark built-in explode function.

Sample output

|  category|            users|         users_array| user|
|Category A|user1,user2,user3|[user1, user2, us...|user1|
|Category A|user1,user2,user3|[user1, user2, us...|user2|
|Category A|user1,user2,user3|[user1, user2, us...|user3|
|Category B|      user3,user4|      [user3, user4]|user3|
|Category B|      user3,user4|      [user3, user4]|user4|
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