Pandas DataFrame Plot - Scatter and Hexbin Chart

 In this article I'm going to show you some examples about plotting scatter and hexbin chart with Pandas DataFrame. I'm using Jupyter Notebook as IDE/code execution environment. 

Hexbin chart is a pcolor of a 2-D histogram with hexagonal cell and can be more informative compared with Scatter chart.

Prepare the data

Use the following code snippet to create a Pandas DataFrame object in memory:

import pandas as pd
import numpy as np

data = []
n = 10000
x = np.random.standard_normal(n)
y = 2.0 + 3.0 * x + 4.0 * np.random.standard_normal(n)
df = pd.DataFrame()
df['x'] = x
df['y'] = y

The above code populates a dataframe like the following table:


10000 rows × 2 columns

Scatter chart

plt =df.plot(kind='scatter',x='x', y='y')

The above code snippet plots the following chart:


plt =df.plot(kind='hexbin',x='x', bins='log',y='y')

For log function is used for creating bins. The chart looks like the following screenshot:

The deeper the color, the higher the density.

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